A Cat-a-Log of Cats

Swansea Cats Protection with Lyn Gardner

So here we are nearing the end of another busy year. It’s not been the easiest 12 months for many of us and we at Swansea Cats Protection are no exception. It’s been a tough year, but we’ve helped so many cats and transformed many furry, feline lives for the better.

Here are just a very, very few of them…you could call it a cat-a-log of cats!

In January we took handsome stray Louis into our care…and he’s finally been adopted…it’s been a long road for this darling boy. A life transformed.

In frosty February another handsome stray cat needed our help…William was adopted very quickly, lucky boy!

In March volunteers braved wind and rain to trap, neuter and return a colony of farm cats on Gower.

In April wonderful gifts of cat food goodies were donated and distributed to cats in need.

In May our kitten count was rap-idly rising! Our intrepid volunteers clambered, climbed, scaled and crouched, jumped and wriggled through, over and under obstacles to rescue these little scraps of life.

In June we found a wonderful foster home for favourite long-stay diabetic cat Mittens (who was later renamed Martha), she’s since found her forever home in a beautiful countryside location.

In July our hearts were broken when we had to say goodbye to darling Pilchard, a very special com-munity cat. She was truly loved and lived a long life on her own terms. We miss you Pilchard.

In August we hoped to take a breather, but cats and kittens in need had other ideas! But not every cat appreciated our help, at least not to begin with. Our volunteers spent hours, days and weeks trying to let Millie know we were the good guys. This feisty little cat was successfully homed as she learned to trust humans again.

In September we began to doubt that gorgeous long-stay diabetic rescue cat Pandacat would ever be adopted…he was always over-looked, until one day someone took a moment longer to meet him. She could see what we saw, his sweetness and the joy he’d bring. What a wonderful day!

In October the nights were getting chilly, so our wonderful volunteers got making even more sturdy shelters for feral and stray cats. It’s a good feeling to know more cats are safer, dry and warm as winter approaches.

In November darling, sweetheart Pamela was homed. After a life-time of suffering, terrible depriva-tion and hunger this dear little puss found her happy ever after in a loving home. In a dramatic and distressing rescue back in early spring, our indefatigable volunteers helped save a large number of cats from a ‘house of horror’. And now we’d found Pamela her first safe, loving home. It doesn’t get any better than that.

In December we’d like to think it could get a little better and before the month is out and this difficult year ends. Our hope is that Jules and Jimbob, two cats who also en-dured years of suffering alongside Pamela, will find their forever home…they’ve waited so long and could give so much joy to their new owners. But don’t take my word for it, take a look at our Facebook page and enjoy the de-lightful videos of Jules and Jimbob in all their fabulous fluffiness. It’s our Christmas wish to see Jules and Jimbob homed!

Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all our wonderful supporters and adopters.

If you’re interested in adopting one (or two!) of our rescue cats or kittens please get in touch. IMPORTANT: we are keen to match the right cat to the right home, based on our knowledge of the cat and the information you provide. However, due to the high number of applications we’re sorry to be unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Please remember we are ALL UNPAID VOLUNTEERS trying to do our best for the rescue cats and kittens of Swansea.

We can be contacted via our Helpline 0345 2602 101 or email us at swanseacats@hotmail.co.uk Please note our helpline is answered by a messaging service and we will respond as soon as we can.


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