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One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness industry is that people underestimate how much time and effort it takes to change their body. If your goal is to gain muscle mass and size or lose weight and get leaner, the process isn’t a fast one. And if you do it fast, it won’t last.

Imagine this…You’ve got a goal in mind, you’ve written down some targets you want to achieve, you have a photo of someone who you want to look like, good start. Next you need to figure out your training regime. How many times a week can you commit to, how long will you train for, what type of exercise will you do? Alongside that, you know you need to be better with your nutrition. You go for a healthy food shop, you start to prep your meals and cut back on the bad foods or snacks that are high in sugars and fats. Then two weeks pass and you’re finding it hard to sustain all these new changes. You feel a little fitter but haven’t gain much muscle yet or lost much weight. You feel that what you are doing isn’t working, you lose faith in the basics and because you aren’t seeing a reward yet, you lose motivation and consider giving up.

We’ve all been there and experienced something similar to the scenario above. This time of the year is particularly difficult because the nights are drawing in, it gets dark at 5pm, it’s wet and cold outside so no wonder you don’t feel like exercise. There are also good programmes on tv and you have a battle in your head about going to the gym or having a night in watching tv. How do I know this? Because I’ve been there and worked with many individuals who have experienced or are experiencing the same as you.

Before you know it, January will be here. The New Year – New You posts will flood social media, when we both know, it is a new year, but you are the same you…unless you make the changes and have the discipline to stick to them.

Here are some tips that I give to my clients at this time of year…

Start now. Don’t wait any longer or put it off until January, give yourself a head start and build that healthy lifestyle now.

Read the first point again.

My successful clients are the ones who make fitness a part of their lifestyle. They find a way to eat well, but still socialise with friends, to have alcohol but be disciplined in not having too much, exercise even when they don’t want to, track their calories even when on holiday, get 7-9 hours sleep a night even with a family and busy work schedule. It can be done and the sooner you start the better you will feel for it. Small, little changes are much more effective in the long term so even if you aren’t seeing the physical changes just yet, the mental and emotional are happening. Keep trying to do the right things consistently, until they become a habit. Then the change will come.

I hope you have a great festive period and I’ll be back in February for more fitness and nutrition tips.

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