Truth, Myths, Dreams – Studio Cennen’s 5th Open Studio Exhibition

Open studio exhibition with Studio Cennen, Ffairfach

Heol Cennen, Ffairfach, Nr Llandeilo, SA19 6UH

Wednesday 17th November – 18th December 2021

Viewing by appointment: Book your 1 hour private view online at

Studio Cennen is rounding up the year with their fifth and final exhibition of 2021, held in the new art space in Ffairfach, nestled in the Tywi Valley – a place with a rich, mythic history that has been encapsulated in this latest display.

As the winter nights draw in and the time for fireside stories grows near, what better time than now to delve into the tales spun by previous generations; that have been passed down, augmented, and evolved through the imaginations of the Welsh people of the area. This is what inspired the galleries curator, Brigid Loizou, and the numerous artists featured, when creating for this exhibition, an introspective look into how the realities we perceive don’t always match with our friends, families and peers. Curator Brigid Loizou is delighted to introduce you to some of the wonderful artists involved, and their moving pieces.

The very nature of jeweller Carol Gwizdak’s pieces (above) are to challenge and subvert the viewers preconceptions of what makes jewellery precious. Her avid inclusion of matter from the natural world invites us to reinstate the beauty of nature as the utmost commodity, as it was in its purist form. Heavily tied in with her pieces are a plethora of concerns that affect us immensely such as the loss of biodiversity and the current rapid transition from the natural world to the digital. Through her use of non-traditional materials, often replacing traditional gem stones with natural treasures, Carol’s work is truly enthralling, both as a work of art and as a statement.

Zena Blackwell’s award-winning paintings (left) and drawings investigate the chaos, humour, beauty and dark days of motherhood. Her work derives from the constant observation of her two children at play, at rest, or caught unawares in various typical childhood situations. Blackwell scrutinises the wide-ranging spectrum of heightened emotions experienced in motherhood, and this can manifest in works that are beautiful and whimsical but also slightly ominous.

Starting her career as an abstract artist, it is clear to see that painter Arabella Shand (below) has carried some of the fundamental concepts of this style across into her current, more representational work, such as composition, pattern and colour. This, coupled with her wide range of influences such as Picasso, Vuillar and Russian religious imagery, leads to a unique, expressive take on subjects such as family, landscapes and the natural world.

Exhibitors include: Sculpture: Veronika Lavey Printmaking: Polly Dixon, Flora McLachlan,

Alan Williams, Zena Blackwell, Julie Davis, Siwan Gillick Sarah Lees, Beth Marsden, Maria Pierides,

Duncan MacDonald Johnson, Jen Maidment, Arabella Shand, Angharad Taris SCULPTURE: Jan

Beeny, Perryn Butler, Sallie Wakley CERAMICS: Jonathan Cox, Rosie Harman, Simon Sharp,

Paul Taylor, Linda Unsworth, Janene Waudby JEWELLERY: Carol Gwizdak, Ruby Anne

TEXTILES: ClareBella Designs, Seascape Curiosities ANTIQUES: Tim Bowen Antiques

GARDEN: Little Barn Nursery

Studio Cennen, Heol Cennen, Ffairfach, Nr Llandeilo, SA19 6UH

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