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TEX – Xmas gifts at unrepeatable prices

Tex Automotive, the division of the British Motor Heritage Group (BMH) best known for its original specification classic mirror and wiper products, is offering a rapidly increasing range of complementary articles, some of which make perfect Christmas gifts for enthusiast drivers, male or female. Right now, it also has some

Tex Automotive, the division of the British Motor Heritage Group (BMH) best known for its original specification classic mirror and wiper products, is offering a rapidly increasing range of complementary articles, some of which make perfect Christmas gifts for enthusiast drivers, male or female. Right now, it also has some clearance items at unrepeatable prices, but don’t delay – once they’re gone, they’re gone! See for details.

Clearance items:

  • Genuine Irvin leather flying jackets – just £375.00
  • Quality leather travel bags in brown or blacwith MG, Austin-Healey or zero branding – £99.00
  • Leather driving gloves in brown or black – a mere £12.50
  • MG-branded polo shirts – £16.25
  • MG-branded sweatshirts – £24.58

NB. All the above prices exclude VAT.

Ultra-rare collectors’ model cars:
These miniatures, that include many unique items unobtainable from any other source, have been accumulated over many years by BMH in its role as global licensee for the Austin, Austin-Healey, MG, Morris, Rover, Triumph and Wolseley brands, and are therefore a collector’s gold mine. Only a fraction of the hundreds that will come to market in the coming months are yet to be found on the Tex website, but those that are include such gems as the Kyosho 1/18th scale 1959 Le Mans Triumph TR3S (£41.25 plus VAT) and Spark 1/43rd scale 1953/1955 Le Mans Austin-Healey ‘NOJ 393’ (£10.42 plus VAT).

Driving a fire engine is the hottest ticket in town

Brits are buckling up and switching on the blues and twos as they channel their inner firefighter with a Fire EngineDriving Experience

Indeed, under expert tuition, thrill seekers now have the chance to actually get behind the wheel of what is considered to be the Rolls Royce of fire vehicles, the Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine. Powered by a mighty Cummins 8.2 litre engine, this purpose-built engine can easily whizz past modern saloon cars, despite weighing in at a massive 12 tonnes. Dan Jones, operations manager at, commented: “Getting behind the wheel of a Dennis Sabre XL Fire Engine will be sure to light the fire of petrol heads and adrenaline junkies alike.”

In fact, as many dream of becoming a firefighter in their youth, a fire engine experience may even offer the opportunity to realise a childhood fantasy.

Dan added: “Many youngsters dream of becoming a firefighter one day, so by putting their foot to the floor in a Denis Sabre XL, those behind the wheel may very well feel like they are finally fulfilling a child-hood dream. Meanwhile, passenger rides are also available for adrenaline junkies not yet old enough to drive, with children as young as six offered the chance to get in the passenger seat and experience first-hand what it’s like to be in a Dennis Sabre Fire Engine. For more info visit

British Racing Motors confirms order for ‘new’ V16 Formula 1 car from historic racing enthusiast, Richard Mille

British Racing Motors, the iconic British Formula 1 marque, has confirmed that it has reached an agreement to build the second of three all-new P15 V16 racing cars to be built in celebration of the brand’s 70th anniversary.

Historic racing fan, sponsor, and racing car collector, Richard Mille, has been confirmed as the customer for the second BRM V16. Richard Mille, more famous for the exclusive global luxury watch business that carries his name, has the world’s most extensive collection of BRM racing cars including a recently restored original MK1 BRM V16 and a superb original P30 V16 MK2. The all-new P15 V16 will be added to his collection, when complete,

“I have been a huge BRM fan for many years,” said Richard Mille, “ever since I started collecting historic cars more than 15 years ago, in fact. I knew I was becoming serious about BRM when I invested in the wonderful P115 H16 – but there is something I find particularly fascinating about the V16. Not only is it, to my eye, the most beautiful Formula 1 car of its time, but it is also the most technically complex, particularly if you think about the technology of the day.

“Anybody who knows my watches, will know that I admire technical complexity, attention to detail and quality,” he added. “And for me, the V16 represents all of these elements in one beautiful package. I believe it’s our duty to preserve these incredible pieces of automotive art, and this is a unique opportunity to do just that.”

The new BRM P15 V16 commissioned by Richard Mille, is already in production and will follow the same build process as the first, which was completed in early September, and made its dynamic debut at the world-famous Goodwood Revival event, in front of packed grandstands at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, near Chichester, West Sussex.

BRM specialists, Hall and Hall, using original post-war drawings and blueprints, from the BRM archive, will manufacture the car. As each new P15 comprises more than 36,000 individually engineered parts, the build will take around 24 months to complete. But the final product is a ‘new’ BRM V16 with a degree of authenticity and excellence rarely, if ever, seen in the world of historic motor racing.

The owner of the first ‘new’ BRM P15, John Owen, the son of the original BRM team principal, Sir Alfred Owen, said: “This is wonderful news for BRM, and for all our fans everywhere. With Richard’s support, we are giving more and more enthusiasts the chance to hear the unique sound of the V16 again – keeping the BRM legend alive for future generations. 

“I have been fascinated by the V16 ever since I first saw – and heard – one as a young boy. Seeing my own car run at Goodwood was literally a dream come true and perhaps next time we will be able to see it run at racing speeds,” he added.

The creation of three ‘new’ BRM V16s has only been made possible by the discovery of three original chassis numbers, carefully logged in the BRM archives, which had been assigned to P15 production in support of the British Formula 1 team’s racing campaign in the 1950s. The cars were never built, as the competition rules were changed, and the chassis numbers were pigeon-holed when the team moved on to meet new technical challenges.

To mark BRM’s 70th anniversary, approval was given to assign the three chassis numbers to authentic ‘new’ P15 V16 racing cars to be built using the many thousands of post-war technical drawings and blueprints stored within the BRM archive. With the latest commission from Richard Mille, only one car now remains available.

Honda enhances Jazz e:HEV line-up with new EX Style grade

Honda has added a new ‘Style’ grade to its Jazz e:HEV line-up, bringing new levels of design sophistication and individuality to the award-winning compact city car. Available on top-grade EX models, Style specification stands out with a range of black-themed styling enhancements and a bespoke new alloy wheel design.

On sale from £24,845 on the road* and available to customers from £259 per month, the EX Style version is easily identifiable through its black body-side mouldings, mirror caps, rear spoiler and a painted two-tone roof. Model-specific 16” alloys in black, with a machined finish, compliment these.

Style models retain Honda’s intuitive infotainment technology with seamless in-car connectivity provided by Android Auto and Apply CarPlay, accessed via the 9-inch touchscreen. As with the rest of the Jazz line-up, the Style grade also incorporates Honda’s innovative Magic Seats, which fold completely flat or flip up to offer unrivalled levels of usability.

Completing Honda’s connectivity offering, the Jazz EX Style also benefits from integrated satellite navigation, a parking camera, and Blind Spot Information, in addition to the comprehensive suite of Honda SENSING safety technologies that is included as standard on all models.

Part of Honda’s e:TECHNOLOGY line-up of efficient hybrid and electric vehicles, all versions of the Jazz are available exclusively with the brand’s advanced e:HEV two-motor hybrid powertrain technology. The all-new Jazz has been engineered to deliver an exceptional blend of strong performance and impressive efficiency, to complement its class-leading interior comfort and usability.

The new Style grade is being introduced a year on from the launch of the latest generation Jazz e:HEV, in which time it has received multiple awards from around the world, including the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design.

Prices for the new Jazz EX Style edition start from £24,845 on the road and available to customers from £259 per month.

89% of UK car buyers say broadcast radio should be standard in every vehicle

Broadcast radio continues to dominate as the most preferred source of in-car entertainment across the globe, according to a new international study* released today by Edison Research. Among the 1,100 recent and prospective car buyers surveyed in the UK, almost all (89%) say a broadcast radio tuner should be standard equipment in every car, a trend that is consistent across age groups, indicating strong demand among current and future car buyers.

The survey also reveals that the availability of radio has a major impact on consumers’ vehicle purchasing decisions: 78% of prospective car buyers in the UK say they would be less likely to buy or lease a vehicle that is not equipped with a built-in radio tuner.

The survey – commissioned by WorldDAB in partnership with Radioplayer and sponsored by The National Association of Broadcasters, Commercial Radio Australia, and Xperi – interviewed those who had recently purchased or leased a new car, or plan to do so in the near future. In addition to the UK, the survey conducted interviews among car buyers in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, and the USA.

When considering the most valued standard-fit audio features in a new car, having a broadcast radio tuner ranks highest for prospective car buyers (rated ‘important’ by 89%), ahead of USB ports (rated ‘important’ by 83%) and the availability of Bluetooth (rated ‘important’ by 80%). That’s well ahead of smartphone mirroring technology (Android Auto is rated ‘important’ by 59% and Apple CarPlay by 57%).

Day-to-day consumption of broadcast radio among UK motorists remains significantly higher than for any other form of audio content. 61% of respondents say they listen to broadcast radio in the car ‘frequently’, versus 21% for online streaming music services and 15% for CDs. Echoing the usage levels, a clear majority (83%) agree with the statement: “radio provides a better listening experience in the car than other types of audio sources.” Respondents say the primary reason for listening is ‘to get news and information’, cited by 58%, followed by ‘to hear favourite songs’ (42%).

A clear majority don’t want to pay for radio – 93% say it is ‘important’ that radio should remain free to listen to – as it is currently via analogue and digital broadcast radio tuners. The importance of free-to-air radio was highlighted by motorists’ concerns about data charges for streamed content: a clear majority (79%) of those who currently listening to audio via their mobile device say they are ‘concerned’ about how much data they are using.

UK car buyers were also asked about their most desired added-value in-car radio features. Having an ‘ability to search for radio stations using voice controls’ is the most popular (mentioned by 53% of respondents), followed by ‘provision of information about content’ (50%).

Consumption of broadcast radio remains very high among today’s motorists in the UK, with 89% saying they have listened in the last week, and 76% saying they listen at least once per day.

The car remains the most popular location for listening to radio, cited by an average 87% of respondents, followed by 77% who listen at home and 40% who listen at work.

Used car transactions – Auto Trader comments – EVs still only represent 1% of total car park

“Increased demand for used electric is a step in the right direction, but we have a long way to go”, says Ian Plummer, Commercial Director of Auto Trader, the UK’s largest automotive marketplace.

“The well-publicised supply issues that have affected new car sales are starting to be felt in the used car market. Whilst we continue to see huge levels of consumer demand, as evident in the over 200 million visits to our marketplace in Q3 – a 32% increase on the same period two years ago – the lack of stock availability is beginning to impact sales volumes and undermining the potential opportunities these high demand levels should offer. From what we’re tracking in the market, supply was down around -12% in Q3, when compared with 2019

“As a result of these supply constraints, coupled with the exceptionally strong demand, used car pricing continues its upward trajectory. In fact, October marked the 19th consecutive month of growth, with prices increasing a record 25.6% year-on-year. Astonishingly, nearly one in four of the nearly new cars available in the market (those aged up to 12 months) are currently more expensive than their brand-new equivalents. And further highlighting just how much demand there is in the market, in Q3 the average used car sold nearly 14% faster than it did in 2019 (25 days vs. 29).

“It is good to see sales of used electric vehicles powering ahead, but we should not be fooled. Based on what we’re tracking, we estimate there to be around 317,000 electric vehicles in the UK’s car park, which equates to just about 1 per cent of the total. Other European markets are making a much better fist of driving mass adoption with a smarter approach to incentives and more comprehensive set of enabling policies.

“As for the health of the market overall, based on what we’re seeing with current levels of demand and supply we expect to see about 7.75 million sales this year, which given the incredibly turbulent market conditions that’s still a very impressive performance.”

Tom Kristensen wins Royal Automobile Club’s Motorsport Book award

Mr Le Mans: Tom Kristensen, published by Evro Publishing, has won the Royal Automobile Club’s Motorsport Book of the Year (Below £50) award for 2021.

The judges were particularly impressed with how candid Kristensen is in sharing the ups and downs from his legendary career, giving an insight into what it takes to succeed at the very highest level. The award was presented at the Club’s Pall Mall Clubhouse in London on the evening of 3 November.

Between 1997 and 2014, Tom Kristensen won the world’s toughest motor race, the Le Mans 24 Hours, a record nine times and finished on the podium on five more occasions. Every time his car made it to the finish, in fact, he was on that podium. It is no wonder that this great sports car driver is known as ‘Mr Le Mans’ to motorsport fans around the world.

Now retired from racing, Kristensen shares in this book his deepest personal reflections and insights from inside and outside the cockpit. He looks back on more than 30 years spent striving for perfection in racing and tells of the battles and setbacks that sometimes seemed impossible to overcome, including a terrible accident in 2007.

Tom Kristensen said: “What great news it was to hear about the prestigious Royal Automobile Club’s book award. I am very humbled and would like to thank the judges. It is fantastic to know that they have honoured a small boy from a gas station with curly, blond hair and dirty hands and taken him seriously. Thumbs up to my Danish co-author, knowledgeable contributors and keen publisher for helping to get my story and anecdotes out to a passionate audience.”

Eric Verdon-Roe, Chairman of Evro Publishing, said: “Working with Tom on this project made me realise why he was held in such high regard by the great teams he raced with. His steadfastness, determination, attention to detail and unwillingness to compromise are some of the attributes that made him so successful. Balancing this with his loyalty to the people he works with and his lack of ego makes him such a great team player.”

Evro’s Publishing Director, Mark Hughes, also received the Royal Automobile Club’s Lifetime Achievement Award. A former editor of Autosport and Classic & Sports Car, he was a long-time Editorial Director of the Books Division at Haynes Publishing and has edited more than 700 books during the course of his career.

Simon Taylor, Chairman of the Judges, said: “I’ve known Mark for many years and his editorial skills and experience are second to none in the world of motoring publishing. Not only is he exceptionally good at his job, he carries it out in a calm and efficient manner, and has long been a reassuringly professional presence for authors and publishers alike.”

Mr Le Mans: Tom Kristensen

Price £40
Jacketed hardback
ISBN 978-87-972603-0-2
432 pages
125 photographs

Available from retailers of motoring books or direct from the publisher clearance items at unrepeatable prices, but don’t delay – once they’re gone, they’re gone! See for details.



































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