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Q: I’ve updated my iPhone to iOS15, and I absolutely hate the redesigned Safari with its input field at the bottom. Can I revert it back to the way it was before?

A: You know, I had the same feeling as you when I was faced with this re-design, and I’ll admit, it takes a while to get used to it, but there are some serious advantages. For one thing, you can tap on the search field while holding your phone with just one hand, as it’s now so close to where your thumb is (before, for me, it was always a two-hand thing: one to hold the phone, the other to select the field at the top).

You can also swipe that bar left and right to access your other tabs, which I find to be a great time saver. So even though I did hate the change, I’ve grown to love it.

But that doesn’t mean you have to. If you really can’t stand the new feature (or flaw in your case), a quick trip to the Settings app will sort you out: scroll down until you find Safari, select it, and then scroll down those options until you see ‘Tabs’. You’ll see ‘Tab Bar’ is currently selected. Tap on ‘Single Tab’ instead, to get back to the way things were with iOS 14.

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