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Q: Something happened when I upgraded my iPhone and now location services is off (I probably clicked the wrong thing during the setting up process). Problem is, that option is now greyed out in my Settings. How do I get it back on?

A: Ah that’s a particularly frustrating problem, and the resolution, although simple, is far from intuitive. Location Services are how your phone tracks your whereabouts. You might not want Facebook to know where you are for instance, but it is useful for the Weather app to check if it’s going to rain in your vicinity, or to use Maps. You can choose which apps get to gain access to this data via Settings > Privacy > Location Services and see which ones are always on, those that gain access only when they’re being used, and those that can never do.

But if your ‘Location Services’ is greyed out (which can happen whether it’s switched on or off), then you lose control and you can no longer change any of those settings… And you’ll never guess where the switch to turn the whole thing back on is…

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Location Services. This is where you can toggle it from ‘Don’t Allow Changes’ to ‘Allow Changes’.

Why is it located here? I’ve no idea. Perhaps it’s something to do with restricting access for your child’s phone… but if somehow that setting is switched off (which can happen when accidentally tapping on the wrong ‘No’ when going through the setup), this is where the magic solution resides.


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