It’s Go Time

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

The clocks have changed and we are one step closer to summer. After this month, June is only 8 weeks away, which means that we need to be full swing into our fitness regime if we want that summer body. You may have heard me say this before but here it goes “Summer bodies are made in Winter”. Essentially, what you do in the lead up to summer, is going have the biggest impact on what you look like and how you feel during summer.

Many of us leave it too late to achieve a specific goal because we think the goal is easier to achieve than it actually is. We underestimate how much time it takes to change our body shape, we then struggle with discipline and commitment. I know this because I speak to and help lots of people all year round. So, if you haven’t got into the groove yet, now that we are in April, it’s go time!!!

Grab a pen and paper or use the notes section on your phone as the planning is just as important as the execution. On days where you lose motivation or can’t be bothered to exercise, look back at the notes below.

1) Find your purpose. What are you training for? What do you want to achieve? How will you feel if you accomplish it? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re off to a good start.

2) Set a date and work backwards. The end goal needs a date so that you take it seriously and make each day and week count. If you plan to lose 10kg in 3 months, that sounds like a lot. When broken down monthly that’s 3.3kg and weekly is 0.8kg = 110g per day. Breaking the goal down into smaller chunks is super important and will increase the chances of you reaching it.

3) Know your priorities. Once you identify what is important to you, you can establish what is more of a priority. At all times, you have a decision to make, so make sure it’s one that will facilitate your goal not hinder it. Ask yourself questions like…Do I need to do that? Will that help me? What is more important to me? Will it positively affect my goal?

4) Track your progress. No matter how small. There are many ways such as writing down the weight you lift in a log book or tracking the time it takes you to run 5k. These are real measures of progress. How you feel, how much energy you have, before, during and after photos, records of your weight and how your clothes fit are great ways to measure too.

5) Follow a programme. A big mistake people make is taking too much on and trying to do it all themselves. My online clients check in with me once a week and I write their workouts for them, specific to their individual needs, goals and fitness levels. A programme will give you structure and you need that to see a change.

A fitness goal like losing weight, improving flexibility, building muscle or running your first 5k needs to excite you, challenge you and be something you really want to do. If you kind of want something, the chances of you achieving it are a lot less, you have to really want it. The feeling when you achieve it, will make the hard work, discipline and sacrifices worth it.

Hopefully this April article has given you a focus for the months ahead. If you need help on your journey, get in touch. IT’S GO TIME!!!



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