Spring Breakers

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Glyn Ovens scoring some fun waves on a recent trip home from chasing the world’s biggest waves in Nazare Portugal.

Alys Barton, still suited and booted, but enjoying the run of swells that early spring has been giving us.

Insert pic right: The gloves are off as the water finally starts to heat up a little. Guts, speed driving along a walled up racer. Pic by Dai Williams. Top pic: Stacked lines at Perranporth beach tested the paddle fitness for a few days straight in mid March. But the rides were worth the effort. Pic by Guts. Bottom: Small waves and a big sunset at Swansea Bay. Pic by Guts

As winter slowly turns to spring, the water starts to loosen its icy grip and you feel the sun starting to radiate some heat for the first time in months. Oh yes, I love this time of year. The surf still has plenty of winter power in it and the days are getting longer which means a quick pre or post work surf is now back on the cards. After a long winter, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.Here’s a few of the Spring Breakers that have adorned our coastline over the last few weeks.

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