Uplands Unite with Ukraine

Uplands event with Andrew Soroka

Dear Bay readers,

I’m part of a group of volunteers who live  Swansea and are organising an event called the Uplands Unite with Ukraine at the Uplands Tavern on Saturday the 7th of May 2022 commencing at 4pm. Our objective will be to raise money for the Ukrainian International Red Cross.

Entertainment will include bands, auctions and raffles.

My name is Andrew and I’m writing this message to you all.

I’ve been horrified like the rest of the world on the events taking place in the Ukraine.

My personal involvement is driven by my late father who suffered but survived under the oppression of Stalin and the Second World War. My father was a proud Ukrainian and became a proud adopted Welshman. I therefore feel a strong personal urge and commitment to help and support the Ukrainian people who are once again suffering at the hands of a tyrant.

Local businesses have come forward with offers of help and donations, these include: Alyson from the Uplands Tavern, Ben from Urban Foundry, Gavin from Inspire Training, Gordon from Uplands Market, Tony and Becky from Crumbs, Simon and Lesley from Bay along with Chris from St Gabriel’s Church and Ian from St James’ Church. Councillor Irene Mann has also offered her help and support for the event.

We would welcome everybody’s help and support with this cause and event. If you require any further information, please contact me via email:


Mobile: 07753275665

If you can’t join us on the 7th May but still want to make a donation you can do it on our Just Giving page at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/andrewsaroka

Many thanks, kind regards,

 Andrew Soroka

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