Fool’s Gold

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Top Pic: Guts closing out the show on a classic sundowner session. Pic by Paul Gill Bottom Pic: Tom de Friend cutting loose on a windy one. Pic by Guts

Classic steel city glass Pic by Guts

April may start with a fool but for Welsh surfers, the rest of the month was pure gold.

The entire coast was blessed with pumping swells and favourable conditions.

Week after week of endless waves filled the ocean, giving everyone a chance to enjoy some epic wave riding.

Here’s a few moments from a month to remember





Top: Dan Bresnan, board testing one of my Anchovy models on another great day of swell that packed out Wales this April. Pic by Guts Bottom: No board required. Ed Bresnan levitating on a fun one at Langland reef. Pic by Paul Gill


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