Passion, Dedication and Intensity

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Twenty-three fast, accurate and powerful punches in a fraction over one second!

When I heard about the amazing feats of Ian Bishop, the world’s fastest punch-er, I simply had to get in touch with him and learn more.

Ian is hugely passionate about what he does, is dedicated and trains with the intensity that to me, would be the envy of an Olympic athlete and I can’t wait to meet him soon, at his home in Barry Island.

I quickly learned from our initial conversation that we both started martial arts at the same time, in the same Kung Fu style (although in different parts of the country) and we had the same inspiration…the great Bruce Lee.

Lee was a Hong Kong and American martial artist, instructor, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and philosopher – and it’s the philosophy part that gained my attention.

He was all about keeping an open mind, learn-ing from other martial arts disciplines, absorbing what was useful and discarding what was not – he revolutionised martial arts and quickly became a world-wide superstar, and the martial arts world was in shock when he died suddenly in 1973, aged just thirty-three.

When I look at people like Bruce Lee, Ian Bishop, and other high-achieving people, I look for common qualities – what are the transfer-able qualities that could be applied to anything and that would give the best chance of a successful outcome?

Those qualities for me, are the heading of this article:

Passion – you absolutely must be passionate about what you are doing or what you want to do and remember that your passion is infectious!

Dedication – you must be committed to your purpose and each task that surrounds it.

Intensity – you must apply the necessary energy to put that passion and dedication into action each and every day.

When I coach entrepreneurs, I rarely focus on business alone…that’s the easy part as a simple profit and loss account will tell me where they are in terms of performance and during the first discussion, I will rapidly get a feel for the person in terms of how passionate, dedicated, and intense they are.

Work-Life Balance

There is no such concept in my world and let me explain:

When you are passionate about what you do, you are not “working” and that’s why I effectively “retired” when I started my entrepreneurial career.

The only time I have worked in my life, is when I had to take jobs that I didn’t like, just to make ends meet and that is why I was fired from most of them!

I can talk endlessly about entrepreneurship, business, martial arts, weightlifting, cooking, wine, golf, philosophy, politics, music, and other subjects, simply because I am passionate about them.

And I could easily see myself as having a career in any of them, if I needed to – they are all part of my life. The only thing I have to balance, is the amount I talk about each of them individually as it is easy to get side-tracked and lose time.

Unfortunately, I see many entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are not passionate about what they do…and it shows in a heartbeat.

And it’s easy to see why – lured by the prospect of “get rich quick” schemes and seeing those all-too-common adverts that can turn you into a New York Times best-selling author, if you sub-scribe to the accompanying email list and event-ually succumb to the upsell of the five-thousand-dollar course, that is yours today for a mere forty-seven.

You must resist the temptation and look at things logically – there is an art to anything and whilst there are examples of writers who have hit the big time with an overnight success, there are many more who never see a dime for their work.

Writing, like martial arts, is an art in itself and it requires the three qualities that I am talking about in this article.

Today’s entrepreneurs can create huge amounts of value with very little capital – barriers to entry in almost every industry have come crashing down; creativity is being sup-ported by tech that will serve to massively disrupt traditional industries and there is no shortage of willing investors happy to finance these ever-increasing opportunities.

And that brings me to another point – entrepreneurship is now luring investors more than ever before.

It is so hard today for investors to make any real returns in any traditional investment market, unless they are prepared to take risks…however, a good business idea, in the right industry and led by a passionate, dedicated team that will work with intensity is a great prospect.

Now, let me also make something else clear – just because you are passionate about something, doesn’t mean that you can make a living out of it and that comes down to whether there is a mark-et for what you do and I have been asked many times, how can I be passionate about so many things.

The answer is that many of those things I am passionate about, simply grew on me – I never knew that I would become so hooked and passionate about playing golf, which was a sport I took up because so many of my clients played it.

But I very quickly became passionate about it, and I am always looking at new ways to play the game, which occupies a huge amount of my data usage through watching endless YouTube videos!

The same is true about cooking and that grew on me because I wanted to replicate some of the amazing food I experienced when I was out  entertaining clients.

But I do have one underlying passion that seems to drive everything and it’s something that was deep inside me from an early age – entrepreneurship.

I love the idea of creating something out of nothing, of being able to enter new industries, disrupt them and take market share away from established companies.

I love the creativity and the freedom it brings… and it doesn’t matter if I succeed or fail, because I simply love the journey!

Next month I am going to talk about my overall philosophy about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs are born and not made…and it’s good news for everyone by the way!



































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