Shared Homes Swansea – first Homeshare in Wales launches!

With Shared Homes Swansea

This April a brand-new project began, aimed at reducing loneliness, offering support to people in their own homes, and tackling the rising cost of renting accommodation in the area.

Valerie and Tomi – photo and story courtesy of Homeshare Oxfordshire

‘Shared Homes Swansea’ matches people together for mutual support. It’s where a person who has a spare room and is looking for comp-any and a bit of practical support shares their home with someone looking for affordable accommodation.

Both people benefit from the companionship and having a friendly face at home. The house-holder typically receives 10 hours per week of practical support provided by the homesharer such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening or even playing a game (no personal care is involved).

This brand-new project is based on the national ‘Homeshare’ model, which has been running successfully in other parts of the UK for many years.

Everyone involved has the ongoing support of a dedicated contact at SCVS, the local charity behind ‘Shared Homes Swansea’, and both the homesharers and householders are vetted to ensure they are suitable.

The following is a story from Homeshare in Oxford, which shows how positive the arrangement can be.

“Each and every Homeshare… match is very different from the next. For many people, it is their concerns about becoming isolated or lonely that lead them to Homeshare. For others, still socially connected and very much valuing their own space, it is the reassurance of having some-one else around that is key to them welcoming someone new into their home.

In Valerie’s case it is the latter; she is 84, friendly, sociable and values her independence and time alone. At the same time, she recognises that the presence of someone else in the house, particu-larly at night, is most reassuring, not just to her-self but to her brother Bill, who lives a couple of hours drive away.

Tomi, 24, a Film Studies Masters student from Slovenia, has been welcomed into Valerie’s home and is described by her as ‘the perfect catch’!

 Valerie says,“Tomi is such a lovely person to have around. I really enjoy our conversations. I actually see Homeshare as a way of keeping in touch with today’s fast-moving modern world…

Reflecting on his Homeshare experience, Tomi describes Homeshare as being a way to learn as well as teach, to help and be helped; in short, an enriching reciprocity.

To be honest”, he says, “it’s like a dream come true. Living in a lovely home with a lovely person and within my limited budget. Being of help to someone is also a really important part of it for me”.

Bill, Valerie’s brother, continues to visit on a regular basis, but with a Homeshare arrange-ment in place he knows Tomi is there and is more than happy to help with the small things that inevitably crop up.

I don’t need to worry if I can’t get hold of Valerie on the phone. A quick call to Tomi puts my mind at rest”, Bill says. “Homeshare, to me, is reassurance”.

Find out more about Shared Homes Swansea, by visiting or contact Roxane Dacey at SCVS on: 07932 555221 Email:




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