Older and Wiser

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The phrase “older and wiser” can be defined as learning from previous attempts and doing things more better and more effectively the next time. This article will educate you on how you can become older and wiser when it comes to your health.

During my time in the fitness industry I have visited many different gyms. Some have been leisure centres, private health clubs, boutique state of the art gyms, apartment compounds and even home gyms. I have seen many people, sometimes the same people, exercising at the same time when I have been training my clients. These people are committed and are working towards becoming better, whether that be a weight loss goal, strength building goal etc which is great. But, they will often follow the same routine by completing the exercises they know, in the same order week after week without changing the sets, reps or weight. This is good for maintenance but not good for progress.

Every year there are fitness conventions and exhibitions across the globe, where companies attend to showcase their latest products or reveal a new piece of equipment. The health and fitness industry, is constantly changing and developing by using more technology to advance performance as there are new trends created. Some people will be willing to try these new trends, whilst others will stick to what they know. This can be good for maintenance but not for progress.

Next time you go to the gym, calculate the average age of the people using the treadmill. Then look at the resistance area and calculate the average age of the people lifting weights. I can tell you now, that people in their 40s to 60s will be doing cardio and people in their 20s to 30s will be lifting weights. So why when we reach a certain age, do we stop strength training?

As we get older, we might lose flexibility, range of movement around our joints, we might lose muscle mass and gain body fat, but if you can stay active, continue to do resistance training along with come cardio exercises, you will be in better shape.

To me that is the definition of becoming older and wiser.

  • Being open minded to try new exercises, new training programmes and different gym routines.
  • Wanting to progress and improve health and fitness and not fall into the “I’m getting old so I can’t” trap.
  • Doing a variety of different strength methods which will keep your muscles, bones and joints strong.

You don’t need to be looking to lift super heavy or compete in the Olympics, but you can still challenge your body to do more. Remember, age is just a number. With obesity on the rise globally due to the lack of exercise and poor nutrition, it’s really important that you become older and wiser, by focussing on your health and doing all you can to be active and mobile. If you are not seeing a change, then you need to stop doing the same things. Instead, try something new, change the exercises you do, change the order of the machines you use, ask a Personal Trainer or fitness professional for guidance or advice, don’t keep making the same mistakes…be older and wiser.

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Best wishes, Nicky Fitness

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