With Judith Porch

Did you know that the word “calligraphy” literally means “beautiful writing” thought to be from the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein)?

This Summer and Autumn there is a veritable feast of calligraphy where you can over-indulge on wonderful examples of lettering ranging from traditional artwork to three-dimensional sculpture and everything in between!

Starting on Friday the 5th of August and running until the 8th of November there are two wonderful calligraphy exhibitions which will change your perception that calligraphy is just pretty writing.

In both the National Centenary Exhibition by the Society of Scribes & Illuminators and the Regional Exhibition by the South Wales Scribes you will see skilled lettering – some traditional and formal, but many full of innovation, life and vigour, as unique as the individuals who created them. These exhibitions will show you the breadth of the craft today and that outstanding calligraphy and lettering not only expresses the words that are written but carries an emotional charge which connects the viewer to the work.

The first show is the “Words Made Beautiful” Centenary Exhibition by the Society of Scribes & Illuminators, the oldest Calligraphic Society in the UK. This National Exhibition showcases pieces by the best British and International Calligraphers working today, including local Calligrapher Judith Porch who creates unique Freedom Scrolls for Swansea.

With over 100 breathtaking exhibits ranging from traditional scrolls where legibility is key, to an exciting kimono suspended from the ceiling, there are many examples of calligraphy as art, plus historical works of great note- there is something for everyone! Why not treat yourself to an exhibition catalogue or set of postcards?

This exhibition opens at Swansea Museum on Friday the 5th of August and runs until Sunday the 21st August. This will be the only opportunity to visit this wonderful exhibition in Wales which has only previously been on display at the Mall Galleries, London and at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery.

During the “Words Made Beautiful” exhibition members of the South Wales Scribes Regional group will be on hand daily, between 12pm and 1.30pm to chat with you about the exhibits.

During both exhibitions there will be drop-in calligraphy demonstrations every Saturday between 11am and 1pm where you can try your hand at some lettering. Perhaps you will discover that you have a hidden talent! Visit for event updates.

Following the “Words Made Beautiful” exhibition will be another inspirational Calligraphy Exhibition by the Regional Group the South Wales Scribes to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Titled the “WritTEN Word” this exciting exhibition will run at Swansea Museum from Friday the 26th August right up until the 8th November giving ample time to visit a few times and discover how addictive and satisfying calligraphy can be.

They say that pictures tell a thousand words so here’s a selection of images from both exhibitions to whet your appetite!








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