Going Wild on Gower Part 2 – Creamy Wild Garlic Soup

Tatiana from the 'Marmalade Cookery School' shares her recipe for Creamy Wild Garlic Soup.

Creamy Wild Garlic Soup serves 4 Ingredients: 400g wild garlic, washed and chopped 2 onions, roughly chopped 2 sticks of celery, roughly chopped 1.4 L of good chicken stock 300ml of double cream 2 Tbsp olive oil Sea salt Freshly

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Going Wild on Gower

Spring time heralds the arrival of Ramson in abundance on Gower. Also known as Wild Garlic it has many culinary uses and in this feature Andrew Price of 'Dryad Bushcraft' and Tatiana bento of the 'Marmalade Cookery School' venture into the wild and then the kitchen.

If our recent Wilderness Gourmet Adventures are anything to go by, spring has well and truly sprung, and nothing tells me that the good times are back than the sight of Ramsons growing like a lush green carpet in the

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Father Andrew Pearce looks at the pursuit of happiness in his article this month. As usual he will get you thinking!

‘Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence’. So wrote Aristotle in perhaps his best-known philosophical work, the Nicomachean Ethics, in the fourth century BC. Whether or not you agree with

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Winter 2015

Nissan Micra DIG-S

Liam Bird test drives the mighty Micra!

When Liam Bird said he had a “super-charged” car in mind for this month, we were surprised by his choice of the mild mannered Micra.  But someone in TheBAY studio was copped for speeding not once but twice in a

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Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths – A change of plan!

Mislaying his passport leads Chris to an unexpected destination

Robert Burns wrote “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” such were Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths plans for a winter holiday. A Change of Plan! February is classically a quiet time for surf shops. Cold weather and

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Rabbit pie

Gower businessman Mark Mead persuades us to eat more rabbit with his delicious recipe for home made rabbit pie

Gower businessman Mark Mead persuades us to eat more rabbit with his delicious recipe for home made rabbit pie Rabbit is a great food source, low in fat, wholesome and inexpensive, and is both under-rated and under-used here in the

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Llangenith super session

Well, this winter so far has been the warmest since records began - or so the nice weatherman on the telly told me recently. 

Well, this winter so far has been the warmest since records began – or so the nice weatherman on the telly told me recently. This is due to a constant procession of low pressure systems winding their way in from the

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The Love Bug

Classic Car lover Ashley Lovering continues his series on locally owned cars with a bit of personality. Here he introduces a car fitting for Valentine’s Day, a 1971 VW Beetle by the name of Herbie  a.k.a. The Love Bug – he may not be the star of the big screen but in his owner’s eyes he is equally beguiling. 


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Christmas Eve in Portugal

Christmas is done a bit differently in Portugal...

To start the night Portuguese are the biggest consumers of Bacalhau in the world with an average of 7 kg per person, per year. We love it so much that we have around 1000 known recipes for it, varying from

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Petra Rediscovered

Last month, Liz Barry journeyed to Jordan and spent some time discovering the ancient city of Petra where as recently as the 1980s the Bedouin lived in caves, carved from the sandstone cliffs.

Last month, Liz Barry journeyed to Jordan and spent some time discovering the ancient city of Petra.  I received a text from her which read “weather hot and sunny – Petra fabulous and the Bedouin men gorgeous”. She quickly sent

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Motoring with Liam Bird – Mitsubishi Evo X

Liam has been test driving the new Evo X – Mitsubishi’s road legal rally car and has discovered that it is a head turner.

Usually when I pass by my local garage it goes unnoticed. Occasionally if I’m in something noisy, a V8 Morgan or a Maserati perhaps, someone will peer through the workshop door to see what’s disturbing the peace. Or, if I’m

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Coughs and Colds – Your Survival Guide

Gary Evans is the pharmacist at Boots in Mumbles. Each month, Gary tackles a common ailment that can often be remedied by an over the counter treatment. This month he looks at coughs and colds or that dreaded illness ‘man flu’ and asks that ladies be sympathetic to their men-folk while they are suffering. Suffering! (I shall ask him to cover PMT next month - Ed.)

Coughs and Colds – your survival guide. It’s that time of year again! The nights are drawing in and the temperatures will soon be dropping. Coughs and colds are a very common part of winter. We’ve all suffered from a

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Liz Barry visits… Bryher

What are the odds of meeting someone on holiday who has a connection with home? Liz Barry experienced this situation on a visit to the Scilly Isle of Bryher earlier this year.

Bryher is the smallest of the five inhabited islands of Scilly. It is noted for its unspoilt natural beauty, its maram grass-edged sand dunes and transparent turquoise blue water. One side of the island is very wild with waves that

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Range Rover Evoque

Liam Bird has been putting the new Range Rover Evoque through its paces – it may be smaller than your average 4x4 but it certainly got the thumbs up from Liam. Evoque!

Finally the wait is over. It’s been three years since Land-Rover unveiled its LRX concept car at the Geneva Motor Show, but now the car they turned the LRX into – the new Range-Rover Evoque, is available to buy. In

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The Boy’s Trip

This month Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths goes North on a boy’s trip away – a real father and son break where they all have a ball!

One of the best things about being a parent is sharing the things you do with your kids. So, when my good friend Rob and I were organising a surf trip earlier in the summer we decided to take our

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Liz Barry visits Kinsale

Liz Barry visited the town of Kinsale in the Republic of Ireland and discovered some of the great things going on in October.

Kinsale is a waterfront town on the lower reaches of the Bandon River in West Cork. In 1992 it was twinned with Mumbles. They have much in common as both share seafaring histories and traditions. Kinsale is only a 30

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The Bavarian X Factor

How does Liam Bird find the BMW X3?

Not so long ago BMW kept telling us they were building “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and few would argue that the M3 or its larger sibling, the M5 were anything but. Recently the marketing men at Munich have changed tack.

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