October 2013

Fish Chowder Recipe


As the weather gets chillier, a bowl of piping hot soup served with a hunk of bread satisfies even the most voracious appetites. Luke Rees, chef at Chai Tearoom and Delicatessen in Newton Road serves his fish chowder all year

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How to prevent Makeup meltdown

With Lora Gladwin

Lora Gladwin has some great hints and tips on keeping your makeup fresh in the summer heat. Lora is an independent make-up artist so her recommendations are totally unbiased and purely based on her preferences. Even if you love the

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Birstonas, Lithuania

So spa so good

So spa so good The popularity of relaxing in spa waters is nothing new. The Egyptians used thermal baths for therapeutic purposes as did the ancient Greeks. Hippocrates mentions them in his book “Epidemics” and recommended hydrotherapy to treat jaundice

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Healthy Skin

with Lora Gladwin

Lora Gladwin has come on board as a contributor to TheBAY Magazine this month. Lora has worked in the beauty industry as a make-up artist for eight years and was trained by Lisa Eldridge, best known as the make-up artist

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La Pizza Vera Napoletana

with Tatiana Bento

This month’s recipe from Tatiana is influenced by her recent trip to Naples, Italy on her quest to discover the best pizza in the world. Here she tells us about not only her journey but also reveals all she learnt,

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A great exhibition in the British Museum brought back memories to LIZ of her visit to these historic sites last year The British Museum currently has an exhibition “Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum” which runs until 29 September.

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Audi A3

with Liam Bird

AUDI A3….FUN! Liam test drove the NEW Audi A3 last month. Let’s just say he was suitably impressed It’s taken me a little while, but now I think, I’ve finally made myself comfortable in Audi’s all new A3. It arrived

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Discovering Kaunas

with Lesley Williams

Early in 2013 TheBAY received an email from the marketing manager at Kaunas Airport in Lithuania, inviting us to join a party of travel writers on a weekend break, to discover what this part of the country has to offer

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They say if you can remember the 1960’s you weren’t there. So, if things for some of you are a little hazy, allow me to fill in a few of the gaps. I’ve concentrated mainly on 1963 for reasons which

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Marrakech for beginners

With Lesley Williams

Marrakech for beginners A visit to Marrakech in early spring avoids the heat and humidity usually associated with this jewel in Morocco’s crown. What I hadn’t bargained for was rain and unseasonably chilly weather, but it didn’t dampen our spirits

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Crab Masterclass

With Tatiana Bento of Marmalade Cookery School

CRAB MASTERCLASS With Tatiana Bento of Marmalade Cookery School All too often the instructions for preparing a fresh crab are brief and not detailed enough, and tell of scary things like “dead man’s fingers” that must be removed at all

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