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Winter 2020

Anti-plague herbs

With The Herbal Clinic, Swansea

Provoked by Charles Wilson-Watkins’ exploration of plagues throughout history we take a closer look at some of the herbs used in times of plague and why they may (or may not) have been effective. In a world in which there

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October 2020

Colic in babies

Bay Cluster Network

Colic is a condition where a baby, experiences repeated episodes of excessive crying when he is otherwise well. Colic is considered to be a common condition but can be very upsetting for parents. It is estimated to affect 10-30% of

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September 2020

Pain and Inflammation

With Tim Wright - Gower Acupuncture Swansea

Most people experience pain from injury. You stub your toe – you perceive pain. This suggests all pain is a one-way process. Toe gets stubbed, pain signals sent to the brain, expletive uttered! Done… well not quite. Pain can come

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September 2020


With Bay Cluster Network

There are many problems that can affect our feet. Some problems can arise from the foot itself for example an injury or others can occur in the bone, joint, muscle, tendon or ligament of the foot. A bunion (hallux valgus)

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