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Oct 2018

Bay Cluster Network

With Dr Lamah El-Sharkawi and her sister Reem

It is estimated that one third of people during their lifetime will suffer from an allergic reaction. There are many different things someone could be allergic to including tree or grass pollen better known as hay fever, food allergies, in

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Aug 2018

Screening Services

Bay Cluster Network with Reem El-Sharkawi

Dr Lamah El-Sharkawi is a GP in Uplands and Mumbles Surgery and her sister Reem is a GP Pharmacist, both are part of the Bay Cluster Network. A few weeks ago I was asked by a patient why he had

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Aug 2018

Spinal Imaging

With Iona Collins

Here is an article about the common types of imaging available to us. I hope you find this interesting and useful! X Ray X Rays can look at the bones of our joints and give us information about their alignment

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Aug 2018

Getting to know your breath

With Tim Wright Gower Acupuncture, Swansea

I wonder how many people can say they know how they breathe? And even the process behind breathing. It’s a reasonably unique function in that it’s under control of the autonomic nervous system so happens automatically, but can also be

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July 2018

Interstitium & The Triple Burner

Decoding the Mystique of Chinese Medicine with Tim Wright, Gower Acupuncture-Swansea

As a clinician who practices an ancient medicine with modern sensibilities, the Triple Burner always made me cringe. Chinese medicine prioritises 12 major organs as vital for functioning of health. These organs include the heart, lungs, gall bladder, kidneys, all

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June 2018

Sun Protection

With Bay Cluster Network

Dr Lamah El-Sharkawi is a GP in Uplands and Mumbles Surgery and her sister Reem El-Sharkawi is a GP Pharmacist, both are part of Bay Cluster Network. This month they look at sun protection… Whether you’re planning your luxury holiday

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May 2018

Forget Me Not

Dementia Day Clubs

Forget Me Not Dementia Day Clubs is a charity that was established in March 2011. However, due to the number of legal formalities that had to be negotiated, the first club actually opened in Siloam Church Hall in March 2012.

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