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May 2014

Vitamin B12 and Anaemia

Some useful medical advice from DR CHRIS JOHNS who has been a GP in Sketty and Killay Medical Centres for 24 years and is Clinical Lead for Swansea Acute GP Unit in Singleton Hospital.

Back to medicine this month. I hope everyone is keeping well and hayfever suffers are not struggling too much with the early tree pollen. Personally this is my favourite month of the year. The winter virus season hopefully coming to

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How to prevent Makeup meltdown

With Lora Gladwin

Lora Gladwin has some great hints and tips on keeping your makeup fresh in the summer heat. Lora is an independent make-up artist so her recommendations are totally unbiased and purely based on her preferences. Even if you love the

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Healthy Skin

with Lora Gladwin

Lora Gladwin has come on board as a contributor to TheBAY Magazine this month. Lora has worked in the beauty industry as a make-up artist for eight years and was trained by Lisa Eldridge, best known as the make-up artist

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Frozen Shoulder

How to ease the big freeze

Louise is an Advanced Clinical and Sports massage therapist with 20 years’ experience. She holds flexibility training workshops and also holds the UK’s highest qualification in massage therapy (BTEC level 6) she only holder of this level in Wales. If

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Surfing the waves of life

By Louise Evans

When I write an article for publication, what usually happens is that I pick a topic, research around that topic and use my own knowledge, training and the research material to come up with a final piece. This month was

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To stretch or not

Louise Evans advises

Louise Evans is an Advanced Clinical and sports massage therapist with 19 years experience. She is committed to her work and is currently sitting the UK’s highest level in massage therapy (BTEC 6 professional diploma in Advanced Clinical and sports massage therapy)

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We are joined this month by Louise Evans. Louise is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist with 19 years experience. She is dedicated to making bodywork a clinical, Professional therapy and is currently working toward the UK’s highest qualification in massage therapy “BTEC 6

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Coughs and Colds – Your Survival Guide

Gary Evans is the pharmacist at Boots in Mumbles. Each month, Gary tackles a common ailment that can often be remedied by an over the counter treatment. This month he looks at coughs and colds or that dreaded illness ‘man flu’ and asks that ladies be sympathetic to their men-folk while they are suffering. Suffering! (I shall ask him to cover PMT next month - Ed.)

Coughs and Colds – your survival guide. It’s that time of year again! The nights are drawing in and the temperatures will soon be dropping. Coughs and colds are a very common part of winter. We’ve all suffered from a

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Head Lice?

Gary Evans Pharmacist with Boots Chemist Mumbles gets down to the nitty gritty of that age old problem of head lice.

Doesn’t time fly! Six weeks of school holidays, all over and done with! The kids are back to school, and finally we all have a bit of peace. Until the day your child announces “my head itches!” Then you receive

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