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July 2021

No garden? No excuses…

Therapeutic gardening with Sophie Lacey - Good Thymes Gardening

This month Sophie gets us all into gardening – even if we don’t have a garden Earlier in the year, before the greenhouse was warm enough, Mr GTG was getting increasingly frustrated with the not-so-stealthy plant take-over in the dining

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June 2021

Dig it – June gardening

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener with Fulke Andel

I hope the ‘unnamed’ storm of early May, didn’t cause too much damage to your garden. Our tulips were hit hard and a delivery of new flower pots were scattered right across the garden – otherwise we got away reasonably

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June 2021


Therapeutic Gardening with Sophie Lacey - Good Thymes Gardening

This month Sophie gives us hints and tips on getting plants for free by taking cuttings. Did someone say ‘free plants’? I think those are my two favourite words, closely followed by ‘plant sale’. Plants aren’t cheap and with the

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May 2021

Keeping your cat safe

With Lyn Gardener - Swansea Cats Protection

Where’s my cat? Have you noticed there seem to be lots of cats going missing lately? Or is it just me? Or is it simply that social media make the problem more visible? Before Facebook and other sharing platforms, if

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April 2021

Grow your Greens

Therapeutic Gardening with Sophie Lacey

Sophie of Good Thymes Gardening’s philosophy is that you don’t make mistakes in gardening – it’s simply experimenting. This month she shares her experiences of growing long stem broccoli. Mindfulness in the garden, if practiced regularly for a few minutes

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March 2021

Sowing the seeds

Theraputic Gardening with Sophie Lacey - Good Thymes Gardening

Whilst I work in the garden most days of the week, I appreciate that not everyone is as nutty as I am subjecting myself to these finger-tingling cold temperatures. But, despite the weather we’ve had over the past few weeks

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