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Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener Well finally, we can say Spring is on its way, with the longer days and increasing number of ‘warm’ and sunny ones. However, the weather during April can be variable,

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Default Article Image May 2016

Everything is Pixelated

Mac, iPhone & iPad news, tips & tricks

  TheBAY welcomes a new contributor to its stable this month. Steve Paris  is an internationally published writer, an Apple Certified Trainer, and provides consultancy, training and troubleshooting services to the Swansea area. You can email him at or contact

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February 2016

Male Fertility

With The Herbal Clinic, Swansea

BAY Health & Wellbeing with The Herbal Clinic    EVIDENCE SUGGESTS THAT MALE FERTILITY IS DECLINING; WITH AN ESTIMATED DROP OF 2% IN AVERAGE SPERM COUNT EVERY YEAR OVER THE PAST 23 YEARS. For couples trying to conceive, reduced fertility

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Default Article Image February 2016

Culinary Causerie

With Sarla Langdon and Lesley Williams

Culinary Causerie with Lesley Williams WHO ATE ALL THE PIESWho ate all the pies? We did. Not only pies but quiche and vegetarian rolls too, and we are not apologetic at all. Higgidy pies sent us a big sample box

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