Articles from issue : April 2019

Ulcerative colitis

With Bay Cluster Network

Dr Lamah El-Sharkawi is a GP in Uplands and Mumbles Surgery and her sister Reem El-Sharkawi is a GP Pharmacist, both are part of the Bay Cluster Network ULCERATIVE COLITIS AFFECTS 1 IN 420 PEOPLE LIVING IN BRITAIN, IT CAN

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What’s On April Highlights

The Art Scene with Mark Rees

It’s going to be a busy month in Swansea Bay this April, and some of the highlights include the launch of a new gallery space, a visit from an award-winning author, a trio of dances from our national dance company,

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Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins

With Easter falling in April this year, Charles Wilson-Watkins brings us a little bit of the history of chocolate in Britain. Let’s start at the beginning. It wasn’t until the 16th Century, when Christopher Columbus whilst on his fourth mission

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Wild Rose

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Emlyn Roberts-Harry’s review for April is the story of a country singer trying against all odd to get to Nashville. At the time of going to press it wasn’t scheduled to be screened in any of Swansea’s larger cinemas –

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The acupuncturist’s toolkit

With Tim Wright Gower Acupuncture Swansea

As an acupuncturist I primarily use needles to effectively deal with pain. However, depending on a patient’s presentation I have a number of tools available to optimise treatments. Some may sound scary, but I can assure you, no treatments are

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Spring Recipes

With Angela Gray

The fifth in a series of Angela Gray’s Cookery School books, Spring Recipes celebrates the time of year with fresh, zesty flavours, vibrant colours and lots of inspiring ways to enhance your day-to-day cooking at home. The book is full

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Skoda Fabia (2019)

Motoring with Liam Bird

What was it someone sang about not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone? Car-wise this year got off to a slightly slow start for me, but I’ve recently had not one, but two, rather lovely premium executive saloons collected;

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Carbs are not your enemy, YOU are!

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

Let’s talk about carbohydrates. In the fitness world, there are many misconceptions about certain foods, especially carbohydrates. Some say you should have them and cut down on fats, some say you shouldn’t have them at all and only consume protein

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GIMS on the cheap

Motorshow visit with Liam Bird

“You can do it in a day y’ know. The Geneva Motorshow.” If only I’d had a fiver for every time I’ve heard that since I took to writing about – or at least trying to – all things automotive.

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