Articles from issue : April 2022

Spring Breakers

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

As winter slowly turns to spring, the water starts to loosen its icy grip and you feel the sun starting to radiate some heat for the first time in months. Oh yes, I love this time of year. The surf still

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…wills and probate with Natasja Jones – Solicitor

Local Swansea Firm: The importance of making a Will and the unsuspecting implications of Inheritance Tax.

The thresholds and rules governing Inheritance Tax are issues not commonly discussed during a person’s lifetime. Here at Graham Evans & Partners LLP, we aim to provide you with all the information to help you determine what your Inheritance Tax

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Culinary Causerie

with Lesley Williams

MK @ The George One of my very first jobs as a teenager was as a waitress at The George in Mumbles. It was short lived, but it gave me a very great respect for anyone working in the hospitality

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It’s Go Time

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

The clocks have changed and we are one step closer to summer. After this month, June is only 8 weeks away, which means that we need to be full swing into our fitness regime if we want that summer body.

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The Gower Pilgrimage Way Part III

Walk of the month with Ian Bateman

Welcome to stage 3 of the Gower Pilgrimage Way, an epic 50 mile hike linking 17 historic churches on the Gower Peninsula, the brainchild of David Pope, erstwhile Swansea resident and keen walker. This section starts in Llangennith and ends

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Uplands Unite with Ukraine

Uplands event with Andrew Soroka

Dear Bay readers, I’m part of a group of volunteers who live  Swansea and are organising an event called the Uplands Unite with Ukraine at the Uplands Tavern on Saturday the 7th of May 2022 commencing at 4pm. Our objective

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Loving my neighbour

Hinds sights with Liz Hinds

This month Liz Hinds considers the many Ukrainian refugees who will hopefully have arrived in Swansea, by the time we go to print, and reminds us of the need to love them and welcome them. “Have we got any white paint?” I

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The Phantom of the Open

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Last month’s Cinefiles recommendation was based on a true story, and so too is this months. It’s another British film and stars Mark Rylance, two things that in our opinion make it a film worth watching. Inspirational true stories about

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The Book Department

with Dr Alyson Hitch

This month we take a tour of Wales’s castles, revisit our best local myths and legends, find out about our connection to the exploration of Antarctica, uncover the biggest media scandals in science, and look forward to a day when

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