Articles from issue : Aug 2018

Mission Impossible Fallout

Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Emlyn’s choice of film for his cinema review in this issue is sure to come to the cinemas in Swansea. The Peter Pan of cinema AKA Tom Cruise – (what is his anti-aging secret?) stars in another Mission Impossible film

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Facing at the Glynn Vivian

The Art Scene with Mark Rees

Mark has been exploring the exhibition of N S Harsha’s installations at the Glynn Vivian Gallery – not just for adults, they are the perfect introduction for children, to the world of art. As I walked towards the Sky Gazers

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Get stronger with age

With Nicky Holland

Nicky Holland is Bay’s resident fitness professional who aims to get us all into shape. This month Nicky has exercises that we can all do, but if you have any health issues you should always check with your doctor. When

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Local Talent

With Rae Howells

LIMESLADE ROCK POOL You can play water.   The first stone dropped into the rock pool makes a musical note. Then a second. Deep bass pianos in the shadows, the shallows offer high peals. We find more stones, limestone, flint,

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Spinal Imaging

With Iona Collins

Here is an article about the common types of imaging available to us. I hope you find this interesting and useful! X Ray X Rays can look at the bones of our joints and give us information about their alignment

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Culinary Causerie

With Lesley Williams

MILLER & CARTER Joy of joys the Toby Carvery has been replaced with an up-market steak house, Miller & Carter. Gone is the perpetual roast dinner – these have been replaced with succulent prime steaks that have been aged for

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Eency Weency…

Bay Bugs with Dr Isabella Brey

With their unfortunately long legs, often hairy bodies as well as uncanny abilities involving near-invisible silk, spiders are not popular, and the media coverage they get does not usually help matters. But it looks like, finally, the tide may be

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Hinds’ Sights

With Liz Hinds

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE Liz and her husband have recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and last month went on their second honeymoon. Their first one sounds a bit of a nightmare – but at least their marriage survived

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Getting to know your breath

With Tim Wright Gower Acupuncture, Swansea

I wonder how many people can say they know how they breathe? And even the process behind breathing. It’s a reasonably unique function in that it’s under control of the autonomic nervous system so happens automatically, but can also be

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