Articles from issue : February 2017

Please give me a home…

with Swansea Cats Protection

SWANSEA CATS PROTECTION ARE LOOKING FOR LOVING HOMES FOR THESE CATS Alfie (right) was rescued from a multi cat household that the RSPCA had been alerted to. We helped them by taking 4 of the cats from this house-hold. Alfie

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Branching Out

BAY Nature with Dr. Isabella Brey

  Most of us encounter trees every day, but despite their size they have a habit of blending into the background to such a degree that they are seen but not noticed as we go about our daily lives. Occasionally

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The Written World

with Sarla Langdon

                  SOME IGNOBEL THOUGHTS: At the beginning of a new literary year, I usually review the work of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, awarded in December annually to outstanding

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Lone Wolves

BAY Bugs with Dr. Isabella Brey

During late winter, most insects are conspicuous by their absence. But they are only temporarily hidden away, biding their time until the arrival of spring, when rising temperatures and renewed plant growth will allow them to go about their business

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The Respiratory System

with The Herbal Clinic

Part 1 – Respiratory Infection We share the air we breathe with all other living organisms on the planet. The air connects and unites us in a dynamic cycle, with plants drawing in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen upon

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Easy to follow Welsh Lamb recipes


Lamb need not be perceived as a fatty food; there are plenty of lean cuts available for the health conscious foodie or fitness fans. It’s an excellent source of high quality protein, zinc and iron – all essential parts of a balanced

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Culinary Causerie

with Lesley Williams

Eccentric Gin I love my job. It’s the not knowing what’s going to pop into my inbox every day – the diversity of the people who get in touch. Last month I received an email from Rob Higgins. Rob is

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Knowing your Onions

with Fran Rushworth

Fran Rushworth grows dye plants in her garden in Bridgend and sells plant dyed items in the shop ‘Crafts by the Sea’ in Ogmore by Sea. You can read about her successes and failures on her blog Here Fran

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In Search of Perfection

with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Perfect days are a really rare occurrence in surfing. There are so many variables that need to come together – all at just the right moment. Things such as wind, tide and swell all have to align in just the

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The Greek Islands of Skopelos and Alonissos

Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry. Liz has once again been travelling with her camera, this time she explores some of the islands of the Sporades Archipelago.

During my stay on the island of Skiathos last summer, I travelled to the nearby islands of Skopelos and Alonissos. The day-long cruise aboard the Agios Nikolas only allowed me a taste of the culture and history that these beautiful

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Hinds’ Sight

with Liz Hinds

Liz Hinds is an experienced author in both Christian and secular publications. Liz is also a regular blogger – you can keep up to date with her musings at This month Liz wants to love and be loved. ‘Alexa,

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