Articles from issue : February 2017

From Abertawe to Antarctica

with Nick Smith

Antarctica is the coldest, most inhospitable and far-flung place on earth. So why would anyone want to go there just to see a few penguins and icebergs? Because it’s also the best place on earth, says local travel writer and

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Family History

With Charles Wilson-Watkins

This month Charles looks at the history to be found in our homes. If you have a question regarding your family history that you’d like to put to Charles, he can be contacted at – he’d be delighted to

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Dig It for February and March

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener. by Fulke Andel

This monthly article is mainly designed for those new to gardening who are looking to enjoy the fruits of their labours on their dinner plate. For experienced gardeners, it will act more as an aide memoire as to what needs

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Bird Watch

with Amanda Skull

New Year – No Garden! We have recently moved. Whilst we were sad to say goodbye to our garden and all its visitors, we were excited to see what birds would visit us in our new home. Unfortunately, there is

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Everything is Pixelated

Mac, iPhone & iPad news, tips & tricks

The column that focuses on providing help, top advice and news about your Apple devices, namely Macs, iPhones and iPads. Please send any questions to Steve via the contact details at the end of this article. Q: I’ve heard you

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