Articles from issue : February 2020


Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry

While most of us were caught up in the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy, Liz and her partner Gareth were sunning themselves in Thailand, where they went island-hopping. This month we focus on Phuket with its stunning white sand beaches and Buddhist

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Tamiya Wild One

Motoring with Liam Bird

I barely touched my computer over the Christmas break, in fact, I can’t even remember switching it on. For me that’s pretty unusual, there’s usually a little bit of online shopping that “needs” to be done – you know, the

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The Lighthouse

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Emlyn’s choice of film for February is probably not everyone’s cup of tea and has a cast of just three actors; two lighthouse keepers and a mermaid. The Lighthouse will be showing in Taliesin on 17 March 2020. Robert Eggers

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Elbow Pain

With Tim Wright - Gower Acupuncture (Swansea)

Sometimes patients’ conditions cluster and I’ll see a lot of one condition in a short time span. Christmas was this time and I saw a lot of patients presenting with elbow pain. There are two main types of elbow pain. Tennis

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Culinary Causerie

With Lesley Williams

The Greek Acropolis The brightly lit Greek restaurant caught my eye as the traffic crawled along the Kingsway on a wet Swansea evening, and I made a mental note to pop in next time we were eating out. Just a

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To the ends of the earth with Nick Smith

Recently Zanzibar has become one of those predictable bucket-list destinations tourists flock to for so-called ‘barefoot luxury’. But if you are prepared to look beyond the clichés of sea, sand and sun and step off the beaten path, you’ll find

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February Dig it

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener with Fulke Andel

Here we are at the start of another growing season and a new decade. This monthly article is mainly designed for those new to gardening who are looking to enjoy the fruits of their labours on their dinner plate. For

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Mumbles Railway Remembered

Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins

Charles is a researcher and family historian. If you have a question regarding your family history that you’d like to put to Charles, he can be contacted at: he’d be delighted to hear from you. This month Charles looks

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Wine recommendations

With Antoinette Milne

We’re well into 2020 and if alcohol free February is for you, it’s a perfect time to think about grown-up soft drinks which is a flourishing category in the drinks trade. There are plenty of non-alcoholic soft drinks to choose

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