Articles from issue : February 2020

Auto News

With Liam Bird

MOTORPOINT APPOINTS GENERAL SALES MANAGER FOR NEW SWANSEA BRANCH Andrew Davies has been appointed the General Sales Manager of Motorpoint’s newest branch in Swansea. The 35-year old, who has worked in a number of sales roles with the UK’s largest

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Business and career advice with Neil Franklin

Artificial Intelligence (AI), virtual reality, robotics and quantum computing are revolutionising the world, and yes, they are all here today…although we may have to wait until we see the full effects of what these, and associated technologies can really do.

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The Book Department

With Dr Alyson Hitch

This month we take a trip down the Amazon to meet the indigenous tribes that live along the Xingu river, find out the truth about foxes, and take a maths lesson with Adam Hart-Davis. We also find out why video

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Fiery Dragon Welsh lamb stir-fry


This is the perfect supper dish for a cold February evening; the ginger and chilli are perfect ingredients to give you a warming glow. And because it is a stir-fry, it’s super quick to prepare too. Lamb is very reasonably

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Rekindle your digestive fire

With The Herbal Clinic Swansea

Large meals, rich foods and a string of festive parties usually mean that by now your body is ready for a seasonal clearout. It’s natural to feel drawn to lighter, simpler foods after a period of feasting; however, if a

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Don’t be afraid to fail

Fitness training with Nicky Holland

We are often afraid to fail. We are scared to change. We don’t like losing or not being in our comfort zone. I’m sure you can all relate to this. Having worked with a number of different clients over the

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The Divorce Process

Private Client Team with Natalie Thomas - Associate Solicitor - DJM Solicitors

Whether you are using a solicitor or trying to manage the divorce process yourself, it helps to know what’s involved in the process. When a couple divorce, three different issues may need to be resolved: the divorce itself – ie.

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