Articles from issue : February 2021

February Auto News

With Liam Bird

Ford Fiesta and Transit/Tourneo Custom: Britain’s Best-Selling New Vehicles in 2020 The Ford Fiesta and the Ford Transit Custom / Tourneo Custom range took the No.1 and No.2 spots respectively in Britain’s best-selling new vehicles chart for 2020. “I want

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Mumbles Railway Poster Offer

with Lesley Williams

I was contacted recently by retired businessman Selwyn Franks, who used to have a stall in Swansea market. He had commissioned a local artist, Tudor Barnett to paint the history of the Mumbles Railway for a poster and was so

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February Wine recommendations

With Antoinette Milne - Wine for Life Learning

We’re celebrating February this month (and the gentle approach of spring) with a natural approach. As many of us have become more resourceful and have ditched what isn’t essential, it seems fitting to have a similar approach to wines we

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Start a business in 2021

Business & Career advice with Neil Franklin

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! I’m certainly glad to see the back of 2020 and I’m going to remain hopeful that 2021 will be a better year and certainly in the world of business and entrepreneurship. I’m going to

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Health & Happiness in the Garden

Therapeutic Gardening with Sophie Lacey Good Thymes Gardening

Interacting with nature has been considered a mental health intervention for quite some time, even being able to see nature from a hospital window has been recognised to improve mood, physical response to medication and recovery time in patients. In

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Balancing life through 2021

Gower acupuncture with Tim Wright

I’ve treated a number of long Covid sufferers this last year for various symptoms. The one almost consistent symptom across all patients is fatigue; similar in nature to the fatigue in ME/ chronic fatigue or post viral syndrome. This fatigue

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Dig it…

with Fulke Andel

GARDENING ADVICE FOR THE NEW (AND NOT SO NEW) GARDENER This time last year I, like most people, had no idea what was ahead of us. Not knowing about the future constraints meant I was ill prepared regarding supplies of

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Mindset and Wellbeing

Fitness training with Nicky Holland

There is no denying that 2020 is definitely up there as one of the most challenging years we have experienced, as the world came to terms with adapting to the global pandemic of the Corona Virus. Don’t worry, this isn’t

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Take-away …but not as we know it

Culinary Causerie with Lesley Williams

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. So, it was heartening to hear just how many of our local restaurants and cafes had diversified. The standard of food available to pick up or have delivered has improved

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Pick of the Pops

What's your special No. 1? with Charles Wilson-Watkins

I thought I might try something new and different for 2021.  Music – the variety of genres is vast – Rock, Jazz, Classical, R&B, Indie, Heavy Metal, Rap, Grunge, House……. pieces of music and songs mean something to each and

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Moving Forward in 2021

Commercial Insurance with Julie Heatley-Thomas - Senior Account Executive - Prescott Jones

As this is the first article for 2021, we would like to wish all our clients an improvement on 2020 with hopefully a return to more normal practises in 2021. We will also see many of us embracing business changes

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Mumbles circular

Walk of the month with Ian Bateman

COVID RESTRICTIONS At the time of going to press, Covid restrictions limited residents to a daily walk that started and finished at their home address. This walk is confined to the Mumbles area, so please comply with current lock down

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Nissan Juke

Motoring with Liam Bird

  I can’t find my notes from when I drove the previous generation Nissan Juke, neither can I find a copy of my review of it anywhere – presumably it was printed in what is now a long-defunct title. I

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Lockdown Watchlist

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

As cinemas continue to be closed, seemingly for the foreseeable future, Emlyn has looked into the best of the films available on Netflix, Prime and Disney channels. These are all subscription channels, but they give you a huge selection of

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