Articles from issue : February 2022

Glad Tidings

Hinds' sights with Liz Hinds

We could all do with a bit of good news – the media is so biased towards telling us the doom and gloom. Liz Hinds found some good news about a donkey called Tommy who had life changing treatment from

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Watersheds, Glens and Lochs

Mountain Bike Trails with Kim Jones

In our winter issue we recounted Kim Jones’ journey from Brecon to London where he and Tracey were to catch an overnight train to Scotland. What follows is an account of their 10-week adventure as they cycled vast areas of

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The Gower Pilgrimage Way (Part I)

Walk of the month with Ian Bateman

Some months ago, the editor of this esteemed publication was approached by one of its regular readers asking whether she would consider featuring in the monthly walking slot, a marathon hike they were planning around Gower. Based on the famous

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Winter Waves

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Hi Guys, well we’re back after our winter break with the first column of 2022. I hope you all had a fab Christmas and happy new year. Since I wrote my last column at the beginning of December, the waves

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CoQ10 and Statins. What is the relationship?

Functional Nutrition with Carmen Gresa-Alemany, functional nutrition therapy

CoQ10, is short for Coenzyme Q10 and it is found in all cell membranes, but mainly concentrated in tissues with high energy requirements. Heart, skeletal muscle, brain, liver, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas and spleen are some of the main users of

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How to succeed in 2022

Fitness training with Nicky Holland

Many of us will have set targets for the New Year and for the coming months. Maybe you have joined a gym, signed up with a Personal Trainer and decided this is the year that you improve your health. If

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On the Marrakesh express

To the ends of the earth...with Nick Smith

The distant Dark Continent isn’t as far away as we might think, with the coast of Morocco clearly visible from Spain. You can take the easy route and fly there, or you could rough it, as Bay’s Nick Smith did,

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In the Beehive…

What's the buzz? with Marcus Treadwell - Garddfach Honey

We are delighted to welcome a new contributor to bay for 2022 – Marcus Treadwell of Garddfach Honey is a Gower beekeeper based in Penclawdd. We can learn a lot from bees and their community; they work as a team

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To MRI or Not to MRI

Gower Acupuncture with Tim Wright

…Well that wasn’t the question if you had back pain at the end of last year. It was all but impossible to get an MRI scan of your back in Swansea…But why? Well I’m not privy to local health board

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My Business Philosophy

Business & Career advice with Neil Franklin

 I used to be all about winning – I was taught from my first day in sales and at the tender age of nineteen, that “winning was the only thing.” “First is first and second is nothing,” were the words

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Changes to Applications for Probate

Private Client Team with Natalie Thomas - Associate Solicitor DJM Solicitors

We have experienced significant delays with the probate service since 2018 when the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) proposed to increase probate fees. The proposals led to an increase in applications following uncertainty around the suggested new fee structure. Delays were

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Here’s to a fulfilling February!

Wine recommendations with Antoinette Milne Wine for life learning

February is upon us and warming, rich wines are still required. We’ve a charming Chenin Blanc, a powerful Portuguese red wine that is simply a stupendous value, a calming Corbieres and a fabulous Franciacorta sparkling rose. Our WSET Level 1

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Auto news

With Liam Bird

WMW present awards to outstanding motorcycle racer AND successful dealer group An outstanding Welsh motorcycle racer AND a successful car dealer group have been presented with Welsh Motoring Writers’ top awards. Chaz Davies (above left), a native of Presteigne, called

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The book department…

With Dr Alyson Hitch

This month we go on a scenic detour with landscape photographer Vanda Ralevska, discover what all those obscure Gower place names actually mean, and hear the latest on why Covid-19 spells curtains for the 9-to-5 daily grind… BOOK OF THE

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