Articles from issue : July 2019

Skin cancer

Bay Cluster Network

With the summer sun, hopefully, making an appearance we take a look at the most common type of cancer in the UK, skin cancer. Did you know roughly 100,000 cases are diagnosed in the U.K. every year? What is skin

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Auto News

With Liam Bird

MOTORISTS CALL FOR TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR DRIVERS CAUGHT USING THEIR PHONES BEHIND THE WHEEL Almost 90 per cent of motorists would like to see tougher pen-alties handed out to other drivers caught using their phone while behind the wheel according

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Toy Story 4

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

It’s hard to believe that we’ve known Woody and his gang for almost 25 years, and in Toy Story 4 we are reunited with some of our favourite characters. It’s the perfect family film. It would be completely fair to

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Cohabitation Agreements explained

Private Law Team with Natalie Thomas - Associate Solicitor - DJM Solicitors

We often hear the term ‘common law spouse’, however that is not a legal status. You are either married (or in a civil partnership) or not. If a relationship breaks down, being a ‘common law’ wife or husband does not

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Family Law

With Fiona Lee - Graham Evans & Partners - Head of Family and Private Client

At Graham Evans & Partners we have a team of several highly trained and experienced family lawyers who deal with Family Law. Family law covers legal issues that affect families including marriage, divorce, financial orders, pre-nups, post-nups, child support or

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Bay Mac’s Help Desk

Helping you get the most out of your Mac, iPhone & iPad with Steve Paris

Q: I know how to take a screen-shot with my Mac, but I can never capture the cursor along with it which is really annoying some-times. Is there a third-party app that can let me do this? A: There certainly are a

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One Mile Bakery

Editor's Choice with Lesley Williams

Bread and baking continue to be hot topics; artisanal bakeries are popping up and even the supermarkets are expanding their ranges to include sourdough and spelt loaves. So, what could be better than to produce your own bread at home?

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Black-legged Kittiwakes

Nature Watch with Danielle Rouse

One of the best gull species in my opinion, is the Kittiwake which makes itself welcome here every summer to breed along the Mumbles Pier and around Gower. Kittiwakes are usually a cliff nesting species with their nests, containing two

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No place like home

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Wales can sometimes feel like the wettest place on earth, with weeks on end of grey skies and raindrops 24/7; with winters that force you to semi-hibernate for months on end. The surf too can be frustrating, with all the

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The worst nutrition myths

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

More and more people are giving advice on nutrition, but it’s not always valuable. Last month’s article we spoke about tips to get that summer body. Training is important, but you must monitor what you eat to be fit and

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July Dig it

With Fulke Andel

GARDENING ADVICE FOR THE NEW (AND NOT SO NEW) GARDENER July can be a busy month, keeping on top of things in the garden and ensuring you fit in that well-deserved holiday, somewhere down the line. But for now, it’s

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