Articles from issue : July 2021

Acid reflux is often regarded as a consequence of eating a rich meal or having too much stomach acid, but in fact, contrary to popular belief, it is a symptom of not having enough. So how does it happen and

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Bits & Bobs

Snippets July 2021

Bay received the following letter from regular reader Denise Pearce. She asked that we publish it so that she could express her thanks to everyone who made her so welcome in Swansea. Leaving Langland  June 2021 Swansea Bay As a

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Commercial Awareness

business & career advice with Neil Franklin

Having the courage to start a business in the first place, is a huge step to take in your life, as I have talked about in a previous article, but actually operating the business when you have taken that step,

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The many sides of headache

Gower acupuncture with Tim Wright

Acupuncture has a great track record for headache treatment. NICE recommend it for treating both tension type headache and migraine. There are plenty more headache types beyond these two though… Tension Type Headache: Frequently the causes are either emotional and

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48 hours

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

This month’s surf story proves what consummate professionals Chris Guts Griffiths and his pal photographer Paul Gill are. Their dedication is very much appreciated here in bay HQ and we hope that you too enjoy the fruits of their labours.

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Claire-Julia Hill was born in France and is a 23-year old graduate from the Cambridge University School of Architecture and Art History. She’s a local landscape artist and produces paintings from a little converted studio-shed in her garden. Throughout school, Claire was a permanent resident

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Equity Release

With Graham Evans & Partners

We have recently welcomed a new experienced solicitor to our property team at Graham Evans and Partners – Stephanie Kift-Harries. Stephanie has Experience dealing with Equity Release matters and can provide helpful advice on the documentation to assist in deciding

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LOX Secure earring backs

Editor's Choice with Lesley Williams

How often have you lost an earring? If you’re anything like me, you will have lots of singletons in your jewellery box. I lost a beautiful enamelled earring, the very first time I wore them – they were a present

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No garden? No excuses…

Therapeutic gardening with Sophie Lacey - Good Thymes Gardening

This month Sophie gets us all into gardening – even if we don’t have a garden Earlier in the year, before the greenhouse was warm enough, Mr GTG was getting increasingly frustrated with the not-so-stealthy plant take-over in the dining

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