Articles from issue : March 2018

Fix my Spine

With Iona Collins

Underactive bladder function in association with sciatica? You may have symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome… “Cauda What?” I hear you ask. The Cauda Equina (horse’s tail in Latin, which is of no significance to us) describes the nerves in the

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Auto News

With Liam Bird

A third of uk motorists use their car as a mobile pantry 33% of motorists carry shopping and food around in their car. Women are the worst offenders for keeping their cars stocked with food and drink supplies 5% of

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Bay Mac’s Help Desk

With Steve Paris

Helping you get the most out of your Mac, iPhone & iPad Q: So what’s so special about the Mac’s latest system update? A: Every year Apple updates its operating system in fundamental ways, either internally (better security for instance),

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The Written World

With Sarla Langdon

ONCE MORE—WITH FEELING! It is a great pleasure to present four Titans of contemporary English literature, who, following the precept of the Bard himself (who was not averse to pinching his plots from classical, historical and fictional works), have retold

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Mountain bike trails

With Kim Jones

The Rhinogydd Kim Jones headed off to North Wales to the Rhinogydd in late Autumn last year. It’s an area that is overshadowed by Snowdon both literally and figuratively – but according to Kim it is well worth exploring Llyn

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Vegan Recipe

With Rachel Jamison

Jamaican black bean and jackfruit burritos with tomato and chilli salsa and cashew cheese sauce Jackfruit is related to figs and breadfruit and grows in tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa. While it is a fruit, its consistency

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Through the viewfinder

With Liz Barry

Bhutan – Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon Liz Barry has been travelling again, this time to the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan where she found a country that fiercely guards its traditions but embraces global development. Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom,

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Culinary Causerie

With Lesley Williams

Hoogah Cafe Bar Kitchen Hoogah opened in Brynymor Road towards the end of last year – and since then it was on my ‘go to’ list. As you approach it, you’re greeted by the sight of hundreds of twinkly fairy

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Hinds’ Sights

With Liz Hinds

Inner Beauty Do you have to be beautiful to be loved? Song writer Al Dubin certainly thought so when he wrote his 1933 hit ‘Keep young and beautiful’ – ‘it’s your duty to be beautiful, if you wanna be loved’.

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The Cine Files

With Emlyn Roberts-Harry

FILM REVIEW Black Panther Emlyn’s film pick for March is Black Panther, a science fiction/fantasy, American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Emlyn’s previous recommendations have ranged from Paddington Bear to Planet of the

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