Articles from issue : March 2018

Easy to follow lamb recipes


Stuffed Welsh Lamb Chops with Halloumi, Pesto and Hummus This is the sort of recipe that you can tailor to however many mouths you have to feed. It’s the sort of food that can be served at a buffet, barbeque

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Tax-free childcare

With Allchurch & Co

Given that Allchurch and Co owners, Carly and Ellie are both expanding their families this year, it seemed a good time to share some information on the changes to the Government Scheme and how they are helping working parents with

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Family History

With Charles Wilson-Watkins

Mapping Swansea Have you ever gone to a new place and got lost without a clue where you are going? I have! Whilst visiting London, I have wandered the streets not knowing where I am. Then I rummage in my

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Bay Bugs

With Dr Isabella Brey

Midnight Magic Few experiences are more enchanting than an encounter with glow-worms on a warm, still summer’s evening. Lighting up the undergrowth like a miniature night sky, glow-worms have long been an inspiration for writers and poets including Shakespeare and

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Gower Acupuncture Swansea

With Tim Wright

Understanding Modern Acupuncture If you search for an explanation of acupuncture online you’ll typically be presented with a variation of the following explanation: “Acupuncture is an ancient healing art practised for over 2,500 years. It works by stimulating a mystical

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Dig it

With Fulke Andel

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that this winter has been longer than normal. The lack of sunshine and the heavy rain has made it rather

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Travel essentials

With Tina Price

Budapest, a ruptured knee and British Airways Bay is delighted to welcome Tina Price as its travel writer and general holiday guru. Tina has oodles of experience in the travel industry and is on hand to answer any questions that

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The Code Challenge

With the DVLA

Last August we brought you news that the DVLA was running a competition for schools to design a computer game. The winners would receive a massive £3,000 worth of the latest IT equipment for use in their school. Here we

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WIN a pair of tickets

With ND John Wine Merchants and the Swansea International Wine Fair

Bay has teamed up with ND John Wine Merchants and the Swansea International Wine Fair to give one lucky reader the opportunity to WIN a pair of tickets for this prestigious event on Saturday 21 April 2018 This event will

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