Articles from issue : March 2019

The House Mouse

Pest of the month with Mark Millar Swansea Pest Control

At Swansea Pest Control you will receive a polite and professional service from initial contact, during a treatment and after the treatment has finished.  As our customer you will receive a FULL WRITTEN REPORT AND COSHH* SHEET with every visit to your property. We carry out a

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Dig it

With Fulke Andel - Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener

The day’s length is noticeably increasing, so much so that plants are keen to get going, but the temperature of the ground must be right for success. March is said to arrive roaring like a lion and leave like a

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The Gut: Seed of all health

Naturopathic Nutrition with Carmen Gresa-Alemany

We’ve all heard about it and it is all over the scientific literature, “intestinal permeability” or “leaky gut”, but what does it mean? Imagine this; your shower has tiles on the wall with grout between them, but what if that

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Tarmac and its Swansea connection

Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins

Just for Fun. Here are two starters for 10. Who is Rebecca and what’s the connection between Dylan Thomas and Wynford Vaughan-Thomas? Also, what is the connection between Swansea and Radcliffe Road in Nottingham? There’s a Brucie bonus if you

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Volvo V60 (2019)

Motoring with Liam Bird

The Davies family had a yellow Mk3 Cortina, The Fields a red Mk2 Escort. Mr Bennet drove a Mk 3 Cortina, his was brown. I’m sure someone had a Peugeot 504 with a rear facing bench seat, in turquoise as

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Swansea’s Natural Flora

Nature watch with Danielle Rouse

MARCH IS THE MONTH WHEN A LOT OF WILDFLOWERS COME INTO BLOOM, WITH THEIR BEAUTIFUL COLOURS AND FRAGRANCE. One of the most common flowers that grace our native woodlands is the bluebell. There are two varieties of bluebells that are

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Animal Magic

at Woodfield Animal Sanctuary

Woodfield Animal Sanctuary, located in Welshmoor, North Gower…a haven for rescued animals Robbie Bartington, spent many years as a child in Swansea, and with her husband David, decided to retire to Gower six years ago. They bought a small-holding with

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Bandipur – Nepal

Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry

LAST YEAR LIZ PACKED HER CAMERA BAG AND HEADED OFF TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD TO TICK ANOTHER DESTINATION OFF HER BUCKET LIST. After spending a few days in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu, the settlement of Bandipur situated midway between

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Whisky, Weather and Wonderment

A six-week bicycle journey in the Scottish Highlands with Kim Jones

Kim Jones’ bike ride this month is in the Scottish Highlands – there is no route – if you want to follow in his tyre tracks you will have to be like Kim and follow your nose Don’t move Jones,

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With Nicky Holland

Last month’s article, spoke about some tips which can have a positive impact on your overall health. This included…exercising daily, stretch in the mornings and challenging yourself. All are important but you will not see a real change, unless you

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