Articles from issue : November 2019

Hit the road Jack! (Part II)

With Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

Last month, Chris and his surfing buddy Paul had headed off to the North Sea coast of Yorkshire in search of perfect surf.  When most people think of surfing, the first things that generally pop into their head would be

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The Book Department

With Dr Alyson Hitch

If you wanted to know anything about what the best new books on offer were, from our point of view, for a decade there was only one person to ask: our literary editor Sarla Langdon. As our regular readers will

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Wonderful Welsh bird names!

Nature Watch with Danielle Rouse

This month DAN ROUSE takes a look at the amusing Welsh translations for bird’s names that can give you a clue as to their identity. Welsh names for animals and wildlife are really fascinating. The logic applied to the naming

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All things Welsh and beautiful

Wine recommendations with Antoinette Milne

With so many new and exciting Welsh and Welsh related wines and spirits to celebrate, it’s hard to keep up. We’re spoilt for choice and the time has never been better to champion these fine examples. All perfect for relaxing

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Canadian Connection

Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins

In October 2016, I wrote an article titled “Exploring Swansea’s Graveyards”, describing the fascinating history of churchyards and cemeteries located in and around Swansea. It is in this piece that I wrote about the Quaker and Jewish cemeteries. Following from

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Knives Out

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

If you love a whodunnit then Knives Out will be on your watch list for this winter. With a stellar cast this modern-day murder mystery will keep you guessing until the final reveal. Knives Out will be in Vue Swansea

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The benefits of hot stones

With Nerys Holt - Gower Garden Therapies

Hot stones warmed by a fire have long been used by Native Americans to ease and soothe away tension and aching muscles. Today, basalt stones which are a type of volcanic rock are heated in a stove between 130 and

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November Dig it

With Fulke Andel

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener Many gardeners see these cold months as a time to hang up their wellies and hibernate until the spring. Yes, there’s far less to do in the garden, but there’s

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