Articles from issue : October 2017

Monroe’s Christmas Cake recipe

From Dean Parker, Excutive Chef at Monroe's restaurant and bar at The Gower Hotel

Dean Parker Executive Chef of Monroe’s Restaurant at The Gower Hotel, shares a recipe with us. It’s far removed from a traditional Christmas cake and is much lighter – and since it contains fresh fruit maybe it could be part

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Pumpkin Pie vegan recipe

With Rachel Jamison

Rachel’s vegan recipe for October is bang on season. Rachel uses tinned pumpkin, but you could of course use a fresh one if you are going to make a jack- o’-lantern . Simply boil or bake the pumpkin until soft

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Dyffryn Gardens

Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry

LIZ HAS BEEN OUT AND ABOUT WITH HER CAMERA TO CAPTURE THE COLOURS OF AUTUMN IN THE VALE OF GLAMORGAN Dyffryn Gardens is a hidden gem nestled in the beautiful countryside of the Vale of Glamorgan. Within the grounds which

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Old England in the Fall

Walk of the month with Ian Bateman

This month Ian is taking us across the water to England for a walk that offers stunning autumnal scenery. It’s an easy, if possibly slippery walk, so dust off your anorak and dig out your walking boots and enjoy. You

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Auto News

With Liam Bird

JUMP RACING COMES TO TIR PRINCE IN NORTH WALES This month’s eagerly-anticipated DAYINSURE WALES RALLY GB (26-29 October) will ­– quite literally – get off to a spectacular flying start  As a dramatic curtain-raiser to four days of thrilling against-the-clock

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Dig it

With Fulke Andel

GARDENING ADVICE FOR THE NEW (AND NOT SO NEW) GARDENER The autumn is now definitely here with the wind making it feel much colder. However, it’s a beautiful time of year, with the trees changing colour and the early morning

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Creating the Beacons Loop

Mountain bike trails with Kim Jones

FRONT COVER FEATURE – Meet The Bay team Throughout 2017 the Bay’s front covers will feature one of our many contributors, each cover illustrated by our in-house designer/illustrator Simon Williams. This month it’s the turn of our mountain bike trail

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Masters of the north

Branching out with Dr Isabella Brey

They have been known to reach heights of 46 metres with their roots spreading 16 metres away from the trunk and reaching 8 metres underground. Equally they are able to eke out a living in tight rock crevices, taking 50

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Everything is pixelated

With Steve Paris

The column that focuses on providing help, top advice and news about your Apple devices, namely Macs, iPhones and iPads. Please send any questions to Steve via the contact details at the end of this article Q: I use my

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Tree Medicine

With The Herbal Clinic Swansea

Trees, the lungs of our planet, used from the beginning of Man’s history as a source of food, fuel and shelter. In early religions, such as those practiced by the Celts, many trees were considered sacred and were believed to

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Dynamic Sitting?

Fix my Spine explains how to actively sit down for the good of your back with Iona collins

How many of us are bothered with back pain, especially when we sit down for a long time? Lower back pain is inevitable if your body posture is not ideal while sitting down for long periods. There is an abundance

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Woodland Wonders

Bay Bugs with Dr Isabella Brey

At a time of year when most insects are winding down for the season, the larvae of some of Britain’s most attractive and distinctive beetles are busy developing deep in their wooden tunnels, readying themselves for their short appearance as

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Man Booker Prize 2017 – Shortlist

The Written World with Sarla Langdon

The much anticipated 2017 Booker prize shortlist has been announced, with the usual glaring omissions and ill-advised inclusions. Fortunately, the overall quality of the submissions selected for the 2017 longlist was high. However, a novel that has been overlooked for

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The Power of Placebo

With Tim Wright - Gower Acupuncture (Swansea)

Acupuncture has a long history of some naysayers dismissing it as no more than an elaborate placebo. It’s less commonplace nowadays with GPs using acupuncture for pain management and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommending acupuncture for

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