Articles from issue : October 2019

Dig it

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener with Fulke Andel

I really like the autumn, it’s a beautiful time of year, with the trees changing colour and the early morning mists swirling around. There is a distinct smell to autumn that reminds me of my time as a schoolboy, hunting

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Acne Rosacea

Bay Cluster Network

Skin conditions and rashes are commonly encountered in general practice. This month we focus on a condition called acne rosacea. This is different from the acne that tends to affect younger patients, acne vugaris. What is acne Rosacea? Rosacea is a common

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Mellow Fruitfulness

Wine recommendations with Antoinette Milne

When John Keats wrote his poem To Autumn, he captured a feeling of contentment, which is exactly what we will feel when we try some of Antoinette’s recommendations for October. Autumn is well and truly here. To help make the

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Hit the road Jack

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

With summer turning slowly into autumn and the night’s drawing in, the Atlantic Ocean starts to awaken from its sleepy summer of calm tranquility.  September marks the beginning of the hurricane season for the Caribbean and Florida. These powerful storms

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Great British High Street Award

With Russell Greenslade - Swansea Bid

High Five for Swansea High Street. Let’s give it a big hand The news that Swansea High Street is in the running to win a coveted Great British High Street Award has raised spirits and raised eyebrows in equal measure.

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Sticky Welsh Lamb Riblets

Autumn Recipe with

We have another lamb recipe courtesy of this month, which would be a great addition to a buffet table this Hallowe’en. Breast of lamb is a much maligned cut of meat, but in this recipe the long slow cooking

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Auto News

With Liam Bird

INEOS AUTOMOTIVE’S UNCOMPROMISING 4X4 TO BE BUILT IN WALES AND NAMED ‘GRENADIER’ INEOS Automotive has announced that its utilitarian 4×4 will be named ‘Grenadier’ after the pub in which it was conceived, with over 6,000 international fans and followers responding

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Business and career advice

With Neil Franklin

This month we welcome NEIL FRANKLIN as a contributor to the magazine with a regular business column. Neil has a wealth of knowledge as a business owner and mentor. If you are thinking of starting a business or have any

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A visit to the Egypt Centre

By Dulce Engel (volunteer since 2014)

Coincidentally, as we were planning our travel feature to Egypt with Nick Smith, a request came in from a Dulcie Engel, a volunteer at the Egypt Centre in Swansea University. Dulcie is keen to promote this award-winning museum and to

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The Curse of Halloween Jack

The Art Scene with Mark Rees

This month Mark interviews Swansea filmmaker ANDREW JONES about his latest feature film As the nights draw in and an autumn chill fills the air, October is very much the time of year for watching scary movies with the lights

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Suzuki Vitara Boosterjet SZ-T

Motoring with Liam Bird

It’s almost hard to believe that Suzuki’s Vitara is now celebrating its 30th year in production. It’s been through some changes of course, you can’t buy a soft-top one anymore, the V6 Grand Vitara is all but a distant memory,

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Sigma 3 Case Study

With Sigma 3 Kitchens

“I can’t speak highly enough about the service we’ve had!” George North, professional Welsh rugby star and Becky North, Double Olympic Silver Medalist, have recently had a Sigma 3 Kitchen installed. We spoke to them both to find out a

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Culinary Causerie

With Lesley Williams

Village People I haven’t been into the Village Inn – now called The Village Bar Café – in Killay for many years but had been hearing some very favourable reports on its refurbishment and particularly about the food. So, I

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry

This month Liz continues on her travels in Croatia and discovers how a once war-torn country has been rebuilt, but still retains its scars. In my recent journey, island hopping in Croatia, the opportunity arose to take a trip to

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