Articles from issue : September 2017

Postcards & Photographs / Dunkirk and its local connections

Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins. Charles is a researcher and family historian. If you have a question regarding your family history that you'd like to put to Charles, he can be contacted at - he'd be delighted to hear from you.

Charles Wilson Watkins has been on holiday to Devon; a trip that inspired his article for this month. During July, I had a weekend away in Paignton, Devon to visit my friend, Neil Dimmick.  I booked into a seafront bed

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Swansea Cats Protection

Cats and kittens looking for homes

These are just a few of our cats and kittens looking for safe, loving homes. Our next Homing Day at Kenwood Kennels, Llanmorlais  will be sometime in September, date to be finalised. Please see our website or facebook page for

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The Limehouse Golem

The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

In the past couple of months we’ve been featuring the film reviews by Emlyn Harries-Roberts. Not all of the films that we have reviewed have been available to watch in our Swansea cinemas. We’ve contacted both Vue and Odeon cinemas

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Lili Wen Fach Childminding

Childcare in a family environment

Lili Wen Fach Childminding has been providing child care in a family environment to clients throughout the Swansea area for over fourteen years. The service is located in a leafy part of Swansea in a large family home with an

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Is life ever fair?

Hinds' Sights with Liz Hinds

Is life ever fair? Liz Hinds knows that it’s not – if it was, she’d have been hob-nobbing with Alan Rickman. This month Liz takes a side-ways look at life, in her inimitable way. ‘Wow! He’s gorgeous!’ Husband nodded slightly

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The Rowan – Scarlet Beauty

Branching Out with Dr Isabella Brey

Elegant leaves and pretty flowers are usually enough for a tree to be considered worthy of cultivation, and if its leaves provide some autumn colour, then that is usually thought of as a bonus. The rowan, however, doesn’t stop there.

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Dig it

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener. Written By Fulke Andel

FRONT COVER FEATURE Meet the Bay team Throughout 2017 the Bay’s front covers feature one of our contributors, each cover illustrated by our in-house designer/illustrator Simon Williams. This month it’s the turn of our gardening expert and international man of

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Paul Popham Fund

Paris to Swansea Bike-Ride Challenge

A team of nine riders took on the epic challenge of a 340 mile bike-ride between Paris and Swansea from 2-6 August. After setting off, the first day saw the team cycling around the streets of Paris taking in the

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Editor’s Comment with Lesley Williams

Proposed Changes to the Community Health Council

WELSH GOVERNMENT WHITE PAPER Time is fast running out for patients and the public to give their opinion on the changes proposed by the Welsh Government, which will see the abolition of the Community Health Councils, (CHCs) who have acted

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