Articles from issue : September 2019

Suzuki Vitara Boosterjet SZ-T

Motoring with Liam Bird

It’s almost hard to believe that Suzuki’s Vitara is now celebrating its 30th year in production. It’s been through some changes of course, you can’t buy a soft-top one anymore, the V6 Grand Vitara is all but a distant memory,

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The age of paperless Accounting

Do you need an accountant? with Allchurch & Co

Without fail, every time we speak to a potential client about what they’re looking to achieve by working with Allchurch & Co – they want to drastically cut the time it takes them to manage bookkeeping and accounting overheads. If

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Auto News

With Liam Bird

THE MISSING LINK – MULLINER COMPLETELY RE-CREATES PIVOTAL 1939 BENTLEY CORNICHE Bentley has re-created a long-lost car from its illustrious past that provides a crucial link in the history of its most important models. The ground-up rebuild of the only

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I told you I was ill

Hinds' Sights with Liz Hinds

This month Liz Hinds’ column tells us about her recent visit to A&E and what she is going to ask God when she goes to meet her maker – if she can remember. The hottest day of the year, quite

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Dig it

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener with Fulke Andel

My ambitions of winning a prize at the local Garden & Produce Show were thwarted by the heavy rain and high winds of August. My sweet peas and dahlias were bedraggled and the French beans had started to rot. Never

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Mixed Bag

Surfing with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

With autumn closing in, it’s time to reflect on the summer that was. To be fair, it’s been a pretty stellar one as far as surf goes with a minimum of flat spells. There’s been lots of fun, small days,

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Chinese Food

Family History with Charles Wilson-Watkins

In this the second mouth-watering article looking at the history of takeaways, we look to the Far East, and China. Have you ever wondered how Chinese food has become part of our integral culinary cultural?  The East India Company brought

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The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Emlyn’s choice of film for September is not going to appeal to everyone, but if you like a good old-fashioned scary movie then this is for you. The word ‘awesome’ gets thrown around a lot, to the point where it’s

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Culinary Causerie

With Lesley Williams

Summer loving Al fresco dining is one of my favourite things to do in the summer. What could be nicer than sitting outside in the sunshine eating good food? Last month’s weather was so changeable but we still managed to

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What is Osteopathy?

With Sian George (M.Ost) Align Therapies, Sketty

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, manual, holistic therapy that aims to improve health by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. Osteopaths treat the person rather than the condition or problem. Techniques include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance, known as osteopathic manipulative

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Family Mediation

Private Law Team with Natalie Thomas - Associate Solicitor DJM Solicitors

A family mediation service can help resolve a wide range of disagreements such as arrangements for your children, financial agreements and other matters. Family mediation can help you to maintain a reasonable relationship and level of communication with your partner

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Devon and Somerset

Through the viewfinder with Liz Barry

As you look out across Swansea Bay a coastal outline appears on the horizon. Merely 35 miles away as the crow flies, and oh how I wish that was possible instead of driving nearly 4 times the distance, though I

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Organic Wines

Wine recommendations with Antoinette Milne

Antoinette Milne is back this month with some of her wine recommendations that are available to buy from our local wine merchants. This month Antoinette looks at some of the vegan and vegetarian options on offer – I no longer

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Daily Calories for Weight Loss

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

Nutrition is arguably the most important variable when it comes to weight loss. How? Well, as you probably know, our bodies need food to live. We need a variety of macronutrients every single day just to maintain our current weight

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