Articles from issue : Winter 2018

Dig it – Winter

With Fulke Andel

Gardening advice for the new (and not so new) gardener October provided us with a nice dry spell at the start which allowed me to get ahead of myself with the autumnal chores. Borders have been tidied and I’ve made

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With Bay Cluster Network

Dr Lamah El-Sharkawi is a GP in Uplands and Mumbles Surgery and her sister Reem is a GP Pharmacist. Both are part of the Bay Cluster Network Influenza (Flu) season is well and truly upon us. Flu viruses are most

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Remembrance Never To Be Forgotten

With Charles Wilson-Watkins

Charles is a researcher and family historian. If you have a question regarding your family history that you’d like to put to Charles, he can be contacted at: he’d be delighted to hear from you November marks the centennial

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Source of the Tawe

Walk of the month with Ian Bateman

Ian’s walk for November is no stroll in the park; it’s hardcore and not for the faint-hearted. Undertake it with caution and make sure you are wearing sturdy walking boots as the going will be tough. No time to attempt

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With Liz Barry

As days get shorter and the weather cooler, one of my favourite seasons arrives: autumn or as it is known in America the Fall. I have just returned from several weeks visiting friends in the US where I experienced this

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There’s nowhere on earth quite like Canada in the winter. With its vast snow-strewn landscapes, frozen lakes and frosty forest trails, Canada is the definition of the Great Outdoors. Bay’s Nick Smith packed his cameras, notebooks and polar exploration gear,

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5 ways to clearer vision

With The Herbal Clinic Swansea

The eyes inform our every moment, even while we sleep. Before we wake, information from the eyes is being received by the hypothalamus in the brain, sensing light levels and regulating our circadian rhythm. Of our five senses vision is

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The Importance of Feedback in Business

With Allchurch & Co - Chartered Accountants

We believe that feedback is crucial in all business, regardless of the size or nature. It is important to all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, investors, shareholders etc). Do you always find the time to actively encourage feedback in your business?

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Ferrari 488 Spider

Bay Motors with Liam Bird

Mr and Mrs Bird have been living the high life. Crab ravioli, Welsh beef and chocolate cake – they certainly know how to live – and of course there was the Ferrari too. I’m writing this just before the Autumn

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Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

With Molly Jones - Ability Neuro Physio

Molly is a physiotrherapist with special interest in neurology, helping people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Here she tells us about the PD WARRIOR exercise programme Is it me, or are baby naps getting shorter but more frequent as time goes?

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Giving up hope…

Hinds' Sights with Liz Hinds

Reaching your half century is a mile stone in your life. Some mark it by going on an exotic holiday, others by throwing a big party – Liz Hinds wrote a book. “Muriel was carrying a Marg Simpson cake with

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The Written World for Kids

With Sarla Langdon

PUSHKIN CHILDREN’S BOOKS —– ONCE AGAIN, THE FINEST CHRISTMAS GIFT CHOICES This year, Pushkin Press, offers once more, a selection of exceptional children’s books, ideal for the kids to curl up with and equally suitable for reading out aloud. Winter

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