Articles from issue : Winter 2020

I’m so tired of feeling tired…

Covid fatigue with Molly Jones of Ability Neuro Physio

Molly is a physiotherapist working in neurology, and here she talks about fatigue.A When Lesley, Bay editor, asked me to write an article, the first thing that came to mind was fatigue – we’re all surviving Covid in more ways

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Practical accountancy with Allchurch & Co.

Brexit may not have been at the forefront of Business owners minds this year, however it is happening at the end of this year Coronavirus or no Coronavirus!! The UK formally left the EU on 31st January 2020, at which

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Investing to support business growth

Commercial Insurance with Julie Heatley-Thomas, Senior Account Executive Prescott Jones

AT PRESCOTT JONES WE BELIEVE IT REMAINS IMPORTANT TO INVEST IN OUR FUTURE, EVEN DURING THESE CHALLENGING ECONOMIC CONDITIONS. Our clients need greater support at present and the appointments below will help us provide this support and give us scope

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The Cine Files with Emlyn Roberts-Harry

Emlyn’s choice of film for this issue sounds the perfect antidote to the crazy world in which we find ourselves today. It’s a gentle story of love and devotion through adversity. Let’s hope the cinemas stay open so that we

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Celebrate small wins

Fitness Training with Nicky Holland

I have worked with many clients over the years. Some have a goal to lose weight, some have a goal to regain fitness, some have a goal to build muscle or have a six pack, some to run a 5k

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The ancient art of storytelling

Hinds' Sights with Liz Hinds

Liz Hinds loves to tell a story; she’s the author of three books and has a regular blog. This month she looks at storytelling and when to stop foraging for blackberries. ‘Don’t eat that blackberry!’ At the shout from me,

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Anti-plague herbs

With The Herbal Clinic, Swansea

Provoked by Charles Wilson-Watkins’ exploration of plagues throughout history we take a closer look at some of the herbs used in times of plague and why they may (or may not) have been effective. In a world in which there

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Welsh breakfast canapés

Recipe 1 with Kate Probert

If after reading Dr Alyson Hitch’s review of Kate Probert’s book From Mountain to Sea, you might have been inspired to try some of her recipes. Kate has always been known for her canapés, and here we feature one that

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